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Trimzilla Bowl Leaf Trimmer
Triminator Dry Trimmer
Twister Trimmer T6
CenturionPro Mini Trimmer Electropolished
Master Trimmer MT Gentle 75
Trimbag Dry Trimmer
Trimbag Dry Trimmer
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Chika Chika Curve Shears
Chika Chika Curve Shears
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Chika Chika Straight Shears
Chika Chika Premium New Wave
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Grow Tools Bonsai Scissors (Box of 12)
Trim-Daddy Trimmer
Trim-Daddy Trimmer
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Grow Tools White Powder Free Disposable Vinyl Gloves Large
Triminator Rosin TRP Stack Press
Trimzilla 79cm Dry Rack
Centurion DBT1 & DBT2 Dry Batch Trimmer
Master Trimmer MT Professional 75
Master Trimmer MT Standard 75
Grow Tools 30x Magnifier Jewelers Loupe
Grow Tools Dry Rack 8 Layer
Grow Tools Harvest Pro Dry Rack 6 Layer Removable Layers Clips
Harvest More Trim Bin
Twister Trimmer T2
Twister Trimmer T4
Master Trimmer MT Bucker
Master Trimmer MT Tumbler
Master Trimmer MT Professional
Master Trimmer MT Standard
Master Trimmer MT Gentle
Master Trimmer MT Pocket
Triminator Buckmaster
Triminator XL Dry Trimmer
Triminator Mini Dry Trimmer
Centurion Gentle Cut Bucker Stand Only
Centurion HP1 Bucker and Stand
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Centurion Gentle Cut Bucker
CenturionPro 3.0 Trimmer Electropolished
CenturionPro Gladiator Trimmer Electropolished
CenturionPro Silver Bullet Trimmer Electropolished
CenturionPro Original Trimmer Electropolished
CenturionPro Tabletop Trimmer Electropolished
Twister BatchOne Dry Trimmer
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Trimzilla Bucker
Trimzilla Bucker
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Trimzilla 18" Warrior Cut Leaf Trimmer
Trimzilla 16'' Quick Cut Leaf Trimmer Black
Trimzilla 18" Quick Cut Leaf Trimmer
Trimzilla Bowl Trimmer Dry Grate
Triminator Kief Kits
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Master Trimmer Masterclean Solution
Twister Trimmer Conveyor


For the next harvesting season, get the best harvesting tools here at Eden Horticulture. Eden Horticulture is one of the leading brands in hydroponics distribution, supplying reliable hydroponic tools and equipment in the market since 2012.

As a leading hydroponics wholesale brand, we prioritize UK hydroponics equipment and supplies quality and customer satisfaction above all. You are definitely at the right place.

Eden Horticulture Hydroponics Wholesale and Distribution on Harvesting Supplies

We know how trimming or harvesting could mean a lot of work. Whether you are a beginner in hydroponics or an expert grower in the field, taking on a bulk of buds is not the easiest task out there.

Not to mention that you also have to make sure that they are in perfect shape, with the ideal aeration and moisture, to achieve a quality harvest.

Our innovative harvesting tools help make growers lives easier and the trimming process a breeze. Here you can find different harvesting tools that fit your trimming needs.

Do the harvesting process without a hitch with the aid of our harvesting tools. From shears and blades to drying bags and the best-selling Trimbag, just from the basics to the more advanced tools, Eden Horticulture makes sure to deliver only the best quality products for the best value for your money.

For shears and blades, you can check out the Chika Chika Premium New Wave or the Curve Shears, which are among the best-selling products and are preferred by both beginner and experienced growers.

All the blades are forged from robust stainless steel and are considerably sharp. They are durable with sharp edges for the precise cuts you need to trim and harvest your buds in one go saving you both time and energy in the process.

For the perfect trimmer, there is a lot that Eden Horticulture offers. You can check out the innovative Trimbag or the various CenturionPro trimmers on the list. These portable trimmers are the best machines with a large processing capacity.

With the help of these high-quality industrial machines, the trimming process has never been easier and faster. It streamlines the trimming process without compromising the quality and quantity of your produce. These harvesting and trimming products are easy to assemble and use. No special tools are required, nor do you need to be an expert.

Are you looking to achieve the ideal aeration during a harvest? Grow Tools 8 Layer Dry Rack is suited for the job. You can also find them in a different number of layers.

Need a product to clean your tools and machines with? The Master Trimmer Masterclean or Resinoff Heavy Duty Cleaning Wipes could help you with that. Clean every nook and crook of your machines, and other surrounding objects as well.

You will find your purchase here at Eden Horticulture worth every amount you spend. You don't have to go broke to bring home that trimming tools you need; these harvesting tools come at a very much budget-friendly price. Quality is prioritized and never compromised - from the low-priced ones to the high-priced equipment.

These trimming tools and equipment use durable materials that are sure to last for years of service, requiring only minimal maintenance.

As a leading hydroponics wholesaler, we prioritize your interest as a customer, which is why we offer a return and refund policy for any issues that you might have with the product. With us, rest assured that your investment is safe and fulfilled.

With our high-quality products that are reliable and efficient coupled with excellent customer service, you can confidently make your purchase, Stay on top of your game with excellent hydroponic supplies in the market.

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