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Omega Eurowing 600W Black Digi Kit
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Omega 1000W Eurowing Digi Kit
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Omega DE Euro Digital Kits
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Omega Spectrum 315W Cmh Kits
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Lighting Kits

Growing indoors gives you better control because you do not need to worry about changing weather conditions and other factors that otherwise negatively affect plants. Indoor farming or growing also means not having to worry about diseases or pests attacking your crops.
However, hydroponics systems mean setting up a growing environment that stimulates an outdoor growing environment using hydroponics solutions, equipment, and accessories. One of the most essential are lighting kits or indoor grow light systems.

What is a grow light kit?

It's a set typically consisting of a ballast, a reflector, and a lamp. In our shop, you'll find a wide range of kits from brands like Omega. Example kits we carry are -
Black light kits
Digital kits
CMH kits
Metal kits
Adjustable kits
Using grow light systems, you can grow your crops from seedling to harvest even without sunlight. With them, you can also start seedlings earlier before transferring them into your garden during the early spring.
There are also specialised solutions that growers can use for propagating and flowering. They can also aid in finishing the outdoor plants that cannot get sufficient light remaining in the current season. In addition, kits set up in your indoor garden lets you propagate root cuttings and plants. Best of all, grow lights let you grow plants whatever the season is.

Things to know about grow lights

The three different grow light types, namely LED grow lights, high-intensity discharge lights, and fluorescent grow lights.
For the light colours, there are important ones to take note of. They include a blue wavelength of light that can promote foliage growth and aid in elongating cells. Another is red wavelengths that can encourage both fruiting and flowering. But in general, plants need a bit of many wavelength colours.
Blue and red are the most important wavelength colours for growing indoors.


Do you offer hydroponics wholesale of grow kits?

Yes! Aside from hydroponics distribution, we also offer wholesale with the best prices and deals. Contact us for more details.

What are LED grow lights?

They use LED technology for growing greenhouse crops and indoor plants. They offer benefits, such as cost effectiveness, energy savings, money savings, and a compact footprint.
LED grow lights also promote boosted plant growth, high resin production, and high density. They also offer a lower heat load, lowering HVAC cost.
Typically, LED grow kits also come in a plug-and-play setup. They are also designed with a low profile, which is ideal for a tiered racking system.
Finally, they are safe to operate and have a longer lifespan than traditional lights.

How many watts do I need for a grow light versus HID light?

Based on the grow lights efficiency, 32% to 50% wattage is required. The good thing, modern grow lights can give out a higher amount of light even with less wattage.

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