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Jubilee Worm Drive Clamp
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Padded Fast Clamps
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Vortex Y-Piece
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Wall Plate
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Ducting Connector
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Black Orchid 90 Degree Pressed Metal Bend
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Vortex Adjustable Jubilee Clamp 1 inch-15 inch
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Vortex T-Piece
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Ducting Ring
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Black Orchid 45 Degree Pressed Metal Bend
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Metal Work and Clamps

Setting up a grow room ventilation system is easy if you have the correct metal work clamps. These items allow you to connect different grow room ventilation parts and components, ensuring the best possible outcomes for your indoor gardening.

Ventilation and Your Indoor Plants

Adequate ventilation ensures your plants receive optimum carbon dioxide levels for efficient photosynthesis. It can also help control humidity levels, while cooling grow room temperature.
The ideal ventilation system also prevents mildew, mould, and fungal growth and proliferation, ensuring optimum plant health. At the same time, it can promote better water and nutrient absorption, further boosting your plants growth and development rates.
Regardless of what plants you have in your indoor garden, you can rest assured they will grow fast, stay healthy, and produce more flowers and fruits. It is an effective way of ensuring maximum yield right inside your house.
UK Hydroponics: Types of Ventilation Accessories and Installation Hardware
Hydroponics wholesale companies describe an ideal grow room ventilation system as consisting of three basic parts: an extraction fan, a filter, and a series of ducting to connect the two components. You will need different metal work clamps to connect and secure the systems various components.

Wall Plates

These products secure your grow room ventilation ducting to the wall, providing a more stable and more secure platform for anchoring the duct. Ducting materials are soft and pliable. Mounting them as is can be challenging. Our Vortex wall plates are available in six sizes, ranging from 4 inches to 12 inches.

Air Diffusers

A crucial component of your grow room ventilation system is the extraction fan. It blows indoor air towards the outside of your house. Unfortunately, it may not be efficient in circulating air throughout the grow room, creating high humidity zones and hot spots in the process. That is why we recommend the Black Orchid Pro-Swirl Air Diffuser to ensure the best possible growing environment for your plants.


These metal work clamps products join at least two ducts. You can choose a Y-piece or a T-piece if you wish to connect ducting to two other ducts. We also have a standard coupling perfect for extending your ventilation ducting. If you need to connect two ducts at a 90 or 45-degree angle, you can choose our Black Orchid 90 or 45-degree Pressed Metal Bend.


Connecting your ducting material to a ventilation component will not work unless you secure the connection with clamps. Hydroponics distribution specialists recommend easy-to-use and easy-to-secure clamps for maximum efficiency. You may want to try our Vortex Adjustable Jubilee Clamp or the Jubilee Worm Drive Clamp.


A ventilation system is effective and efficient only if there are no leaks. Rings help make a perfect seal in connections, allowing you to optimise carbon dioxide distribution, heat management, and humidity control.


Sometimes you need to connect a smaller-diameter ducting to a larger-diameter piece. You can use a reducer to make and secure the connection. We have the Vortex Ducting Reducer available in five sizes: 125mm-100mm, 150mm-125mm, 200mm-150mm, 250mm-200mm, and 315mm-250mm.
Your indoor plants deserve only the best ventilation system. You can ensure this by securing your ventilation systems various components with our reliable and high-quality metal work clamps. It is the best decision you can ever make as an indoor grower for more productive indoor crops and harvest.

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