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Vortex 16" Oscillating Wall Fan 3 Speed
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Vortex Floor Fans
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Vortex 18'' Oscillating Wall Fan 3 Speed
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Vortex 18" Windpro 3 in 1 Wall Floor Pedestal Fan
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Vortex 6'' Clip On Fan
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Vortex 16'' Oscillating Pedestal Fan With X-Base
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Vortex 16'' Oscillating Pedestal Fan With Circular Base
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Air Movement Fans 

Many city dwellers are discovering the joys of growing their gardens right inside their homes. With a few tools and a basic understanding of hydroponics UK principles, you can also set up your indoor garden.
One of the most important elements you need to think about in this setup is ventilation. Your plants need adequate air movement to utilise carbon dioxide in the air, control temperature, and lower humidity.
Adequate airflow can also help strengthen the plants stems. That is why you need only the best air movement fans.

Why Your UK Hydroponics Grow Room Needs an Oscillating Fan

High quality air movement fans are a crucial component of any indoor garden ventilation system. Air is stagnant or non-moving in a room.
In their natural habitat, plants can rely on the wind to deliver more efficient airflow, allowing plants to absorb more carbon dioxide. Your grow room does not have any wind. That is why you need an oscillating or air movement fan.
Oscillating fans do more than move air and enhance carbon dioxide utilisation by plants. They also help lower the grow rooms temperature if it becomes too hot. Air movement can also facilitate moisture reduction, lowering your grow tents humidity levels.
Your plants are similar to humans; they also require strength training. Outdoors, the wind can move the plants, allowing them to strengthen their branches and stems. An air movement fan mimics the action of natural wind and contributes to your plants overall health.

Types of Oscillating Fans for Grow Rooms 

At Eden Horticulture hydroponics distribution centre, we believe you deserve only the best and most efficient air movement fans for your indoor garden.


These air movement fans are ideal for directing airflow to plantstop and midsection. They require stable and secure mounting to prevent the appliance from crashing into your floor.
Examples of a wall-mounted oscillating fan for grow rooms include the Vortex 16-inch 3-speed fan and the Vortex 18-inch 3-speed fan.
Both air movement fans can direct airflow in 90 degrees, while you can also adjust their vertical orientation up to 30 degrees.

Stand or Pedestal Type

A stand type or pedestal type air movement fan is also a great option. It is also more convenient than wall fans because it does not require any mounting.
Another benefit is its movability. You can place it in any part of your grow room, allowing for more efficient airflow to your plants and the rest of the grow room.
Some products, like the Vortex 16-inch Pedestal Fan, allow for height adjustment. You can increase its height to cover the tops of your plants or lower it to direct airflow near the floor. You also have two base options: a circular base or an X-shaped platform. Most indoor growers recommend the X-Base, but you can always use the circular platform.

Floor Fans

If you only need to promote efficient airflow near the floor or your plants underside and bottom sections, floor fans are an excellent choice. They are similar to pedestal fans, except they do not have a stand or leg.
The Vortex Floor Fan is an example of an air movement device. You can also place the floor fan virtually anywhere in your grow room.

Clip Fans 

Small grow tents do not have adequate space to place either a floor fan or a pedestal fan. Hence, a better solution is a clip-on fan, like the Vortex 6-inch oscillating fan.
It has a clamp mechanism that you can secure onto any pole. You can clip it almost anywhere, giving you exceptional flexibility.
Help your indoor plants achieve their maximum growth potential by using the best air movement fans. They can help you improve your grow room ventilation system and ensure a more productive garden.

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