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Omega Eurowing Reflectors
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Omega Cfl Reflector With 5m Lead
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Omega Parabolic Reflectors
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Omega 315W Euro Reflector 5m Iec Cable
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Omega Cool Wing
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Omega 400V Euro Reflector 1000W 5m Iec Cable
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Omega Air Cooled Reflectors
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Omega Medium DE Adjustable Flex Wing Reflector
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Reflectors can help increase indoor gardening and hydroponics grow and yield. They can aid in reflecting light back into your crops. Eden Horticulture offers you a broad selection of reflectors to choose from and use for your lighting system.

Types of Reflectors

Air cooled: On each end, this type is designed with an intake and exhaust port. This element in the design makes it easy for air to flow. Such a reflector can help in dissipating heat out and away from the light or lamp as well as in the grow rooms enclosed area.
Double-ended lamp reflectors: They are meant for double-ended bulbs and can offer growers with long lasting DE HPS bulbs. They're available in many variations, including those with open wing designs.
Parabolic: They're distinguished for their conical or round designs, allowing them to offer a uniform footprint. They are ideal for small grow areas because they can help in optimising the available space better.
Wing type: These reflectors are adjustable and are distinguished for their open wing design, allowing them to conform the footprint of the light to the size of the grow area.
Built-in ballast reflectors: They come with a built-in ballast in the hood and offer growers with a complete package to help them get started quickly.
At Eden Horticulture, we offer -
Parabolic Reflectors that are high quality and ideal for large grow rooms or areas, covering a wide swath for a low mounting height.
Adjustable types can help users in recreating the ideal conditions for plants, effectively helping growers mimic the natural outdoor growing environment.
Air cooled reflectors: They are ideal for those trying to reduce the heat in the grow room.
Wing types like our Mega Cool Wing are ideal for tight spaces. They can be mounted in a horizontal or vertical position.
Euro wing types: They're suitable for indoor growing and can be used by both beginners and professionals alike.
CFL reflectors like our Omega CFL reflector comes with a five meters lead. They're perfect if you're looking for an affordable open-ended reflector. They are also ideal for providing the grow room with light or maximum coverage, while also avoiding any hot spots that will raise the rooms temperature.


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