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Reflective Sheeting
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Luxx White Floor Secure 4m x 25m x 200mu
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Diamond Mylar Sheeting
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FLIRmask Thermal Reflection Sheeting 30m Roll
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C3 Heat Reflection Foil
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While grow tents can ensure optimal control of plant growing conditions, you can add the right grow room sheeting to further improve your tents growth-promoting and -boosting capabilities. The correct sheeting improves overall grow room efficiency, ensuring more robust plant growth and maximising yield.

What is a Grow Room Sheeting?

Grow room sheeting is a film made of reflective material. It bounces light off its surface and directs it to the plant.
Plants thrive when they receive optimum sunlight. They use light to convert water, nutrients, and carbon dioxide into food or energy through the process we call photosynthesis. Like all living organisms, plants need energy to grow.
Growing plants indoors limits the plants energy-production capabilities because it does not receive sufficient light. You may have the best grow light, but it will still be inadequate in promoting optimal plant growth.
The reason is simple. Your plants will only receive light from the direction of the grow light. For instance, if the grow light is in the centre of the tent or room, your plants underside will not receive sufficient light.
Placing the grow light on one side of the room will not deliver enough light on the other side for plants to use. In other words, you are not promoting your plants optimum growth.
That is why you need a reflective surface to bounce light from a source toward the plants.
Buying a grow room sheeting from our hydroponics distribution company that specialises in indoor gardening makes perfect sense. You can install the sheeting throughout your grow room, reflecting light in all directions.

Common Reflective Sheeting Materials for Grow Tents and Rooms

Hydroponics and indoor growers have two principal options for optimising light in a grow room. The first one is to paint the rooms surface white. Using high-light-reflectance paint is an effective way of ensuring maximum photosynthetic processes.
The second option is to use sheeting materials that bounce light off their surface. You have a few choices.


You may already be familiar with this material because companies use it in manufacturing space blankets or thermal blankets. Some car windshield sunshades can also feature Mylar to reflect heat and light away from the cars interior.
Mylar sheeting materials for grow tents and grow rooms are highly effective in reflecting light. You can hang them on your grow rooms ceiling or walls to bounce off sunlight towards your plants.

Aluminium Foil

Aluminium foil has a lower reflective rating than Mylar and high-light-reflective paints. However, it can still bounce off sunlight, promoting a more robust plant growth than not using any reflective material at all.
Many growers use aluminium foil because it is less expensive. You can place this on the floor to reflect light towards the plants underside. You should always place its shiny surface out to ensure better reflectivity.
It is also essential to space your plants to maximise the foils reflectivity. Do understand that aluminium has a mirror-like shiny surface. Placing it too close to your plants can lead to leaf scorch.

White Plastic

A cheaper alternative is to use white plastic on your walls, floor, and ceiling. Some indoor growers also recommend wrapping the fluorescent light with white plastic film or sheeting. However, it is essential to use only non-flammable sheeting.

Light-coloured Mulch

Some hydroponics wholesale companies offer silver or white mulch. You can place the light coloured mulch over your growing medium to reflect light towards your plants underside.

Eden Horticulture for Quality Sheeting

Eden Horticulture believes every grower deserves only the best products to ensure maximum yield. As such, we only provide high-quality products without hurting your budget.