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Silver Bullet Roots
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Fortefog Fumers
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The Enhancer - TNB CO2
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Growth Technology Liquid Silicon
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Grow Tools Protective Coverall
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Plant Vitality Killermite 250ml
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SB Plant Invigorator Concentrate
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Grow Tools Bug Block
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Pyrethrum 5Ec 250ml
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Silver Bullet Mist
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Grow Tools Super Sticky Bug Traps
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Agrothrin Thrip Dust 100g
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SMC Spidermite Control Concentrate
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Spical Sachets
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Biobizz Microbes 150g
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Pest Control and Plant Health

Pests can be the most annoying thing that can hinder the proper growth of plants. Aside from putting their immune system in a compromised state, these pests also compete with plants for nutrients and other minerals.
They thrive well with the nourishment that is supposedly for your plants. Keeping them off can be a challenge, and the good thing is that Eden Horticulture has pest control agents that will provide adequate protection from flying and crawling plant invaders.
Eden Horticulture hydroponics distribution offers plant health controls and agents that will help you terminate all kinds of pests that have invaded your greens. Some of these products also prevent pests from coming over, making the perfect partner for those who are breeding their line of plants.

Insecticidal Smoke Generator

Battling pests can be a struggle, especially when spraying is difficult in some circumstances. Fortefog Fumers is the perfect buddy for the hydroponics setup if you want to control pests in your plants. It is very effective in reducing both crawling and flying pests in your indoor garden.

Koppert Biological Systems

The company Koppert Biological Systems has been a great helping hand for those who are into gardening and agriculture. Their products have helped people overcome past issues over time. Their products Spidex and Thripex are available at Eden Horticulture.
Spidex is a specific biological pest management agent meant to control the spread of the two-spotted spider mite. It works best on every life cycle of the spider, but it works best when used on the younger stages. It can be used as a preventive strategy and should be applied when the first few signs of spider infestation is visible.
Another common pests on home gardens and greenhouses are thrips. The Thripex from Kopper Biological Systems is also available on Eden Horticulture. It simply is the best choice when handling thrips on most plants.
Thripex removes various kinds of thrips, their eggs, and their larvae. The use of Thripex prevents the permanent damage to plants that different thrips species bring.
Dust Them Off
Among the highly coveted products from Eden Horticulture is the Agrothrin Thrip Dust, which has an effective dusting ability against many pests. It is easy to use as it can be used directly against flies, ants, mosquitoes, and other pests. It can be used weekly or as needed.
Pyrethrum 5EC is a natural insecticide that is safe and easy to use. It can be directly used on your plants and even on food crops. It does not leave any toxic residue and kills almost all garden pests that invade your greens.
C-No Insects is another insecticide that targets thrips, fungus, and spider mites. It is highly effective by creating a static field that disrupts the life cycle of insects. The best thing about it is that its effectiveness lasts for up to 2 weeks.

Sachet Power

You can use live predator sachets like Spical Sachets. These are insecticides that can be left hanging on plants, used as both a protection against pest infestation and cure against pest damage. It slowly releases spider mite predators, which are safe for plants.
Hydroponics Wholesale and Distribution Eden Horticulture recognizes the value of having a safe environment for plants. The access of these insecticides are made simple with a same day dispatch and next day delivery.
Special offers are also available. Eden Horticulture also caters to easy returns of these helpful products. Pest management is a daunting thought for the health of your plants. Let Eden Horticulture give you a helping hand with access to these highly effective pest control products that will prevent and save your greens from permanent damage.