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Spical Sachets
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In terms of hydroponics supplies, UK growers do not miss on natural solutions to prevent or combat pest infestation. One of the most trusted hydroponics companies for this is Koppert. Eden Horticulture carries different products from this manufacturer that we are proud to offer our hydroponics distribution and wholesale partners as well as UK hydroponics growers.

About Koppert

Jan Koppert was a cucumber grower back in 1967. During that time, he had no choice but to use chemical pest and disease control products. However, the efficacy of these chemical crop protection products dropped annually.

He also became allergic due to these products. Matters came into his head and decided to find an alternative or quit. He researched and tried immersing himself in the plant’s natural enemies’ world. Koppert was the first to combat spider mite infestation in his nursery using a natural enemy. The results were promising, so he decided to create the solution – and the company was born.

Koppert Biological Systems is known in the ornamental plants and food crops industry as one that provides growers and farmers with innovative solutions to make their lives easier.

Its primary mission is to provide UK hydroponics growers, outdoor and indoor farmers, and plant enthusiasts with sustainable and eco-friendly solutions. They partner with nature and growers to make horticulture and agriculture better, healthier, and safer.

The company achieves it by using natural enemies to combat any pest infestation. They also believe in bio-stimulants to strengthen and support plants and bumblebees for natural pollination.

The brand believes that protecting as well as restoring ecosystems in the most natural way is the right direction to head to for both a balanced environment and healthy and happy crops.

Since its inception, Koppert solutions have increased and spread in popularity. It has now positioned itself as one of the most trusted in natural pollination and biological crop protection. Now, more than 100 countries apply its products.

Koppert Products

This company is known for natural pollination solutions, pest control, and resilient growth solutions as well as seed treatment. At Eden Horticulture hydroponics wholesale company, we carry some of the most popular Koppert offers.


Growers use it as biological pest control. It can be used on all the life stages of the spider mites, but it works on the pest’s younger stages. Growers recommend using it at the first sign of infestation.


It works by eliminating different species of thrips as well as those in their eggs and larval stages. It also prevents pests spread, which would otherwise damage plants and crops.

Spical Sachets

It is a unique product composed of live predators in one sachet. It is easy to use that growers can just hang them on plants to destroy spider mites without harming plants. The product releases spider mite predators over the course of two weeks to prevent any oncoming attacks.

Growers can simply use up to two sachets for every plant every three to four weeks. The mites will not harm the plants, just the mites that would attack them.

Nevertheless, Koppert has done an excellent job in the design and engineering of this product that can eliminate spider mite infestation in plants.

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