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Ventilation Kits

Ventilation facilitates more efficient airflow, giving plants the necessary carbon dioxide to guarantee more effective photosynthesis.
If you are a beginner in indoor gardening, you may want to purchase a ventilation kit instead of buying individual components. Our hydroponics wholesale and distribution shop offers you with a broad range of kits you can depend on us.

Ventilation and Indoor Gardens

Indoor garden or grow room ventilation is not different from your home ventilation system. You draw in air from the outside of your house and vice versa. Ventilation for indoor gardens works on the same principle, albeit with a different purpose.
We draw in air from the outside to breathe more oxygen. The air we exhale contains carbon dioxide that our ventilation system carries outdoors.
A kit for grow tents also draws in air, but it focuses more on its carbon dioxide because it is what plants need for photosynthesis.
Carbon dioxide levels in grow room air diminish over time because plants use it for energy production. Hence, a ventilation kit helps to replenish the grow rooms carbon dioxide levels. Meanwhile, since plants give off oxygen, the ventilation kit conveys this oxygen-rich air outside the grow room.
Maintaining optimal carbon dioxide levels in the grow room promotes efficient photosynthesis. The more energy plants produce, the faster their growth rate. Your indoor plants will produce more flowers and bear more fruits faster than if the grow room did not have adequate ventilation.
A kit not only works to maintain optimal CO2 levels. It also reduces heat in the grow tent. Many hydroponics specialists recommend using extraction and oscillating fans to reduce grow tent heat. It helps improve the growing conditions for your plants.
At the same time, the ideal kit also manages humidity. Since it facilitates efficient airflow, a ventilation kit can remove excess moisture on upper plant surfaces and in the air. Plants will naturally absorb more water from the growing media, allowing them to also absorb essential nutrients.
Adequate ventilation can strengthen plant stems by moving air throughout the grow room.
The ideal kit can also prevent mould, mildew, and fungal infestation. Since it controls humidity, these microorganisms will not be able to proliferate and wreak havoc in your plants.

Components of a Grow Room Ventilation System

The Vortex Acoustic Kit includes an extraction fan, a carbon filter, combi ducting, and jubilee clips for installation. A good system can also include an air movement fan.

Extraction Fan

This device is similar in function to your kitchen or bathroom exhaust fan. It removes indoor air and channels it outdoors through a duct or flexible pipe. At the same time, it draws in fresh, carbon dioxide-rich air from the external environment to replenish CO2 levels in the grow room.

Air Movement Fan

You may know this as an oscillating or electric fan. It circulates air in the grow tent, ensuring optimum carbon dioxide distribution for efficient plant utilisation.

Carbon Filter

Plants do not only produce oxygen as a by-product of photosynthesis. They also release volatile organic compounds that can leave a nasty smell in the grow room. Carbon filters work by trapping odour molecules and other harmful contaminants.


This component connects the different ventilation kit components to facilitate the more efficient air movement from the outdoors to the grow room and vice versa.

Hydroponics Distribution and Wholesale of Ventilation Kits

Feel free to browse our store for hydroponics supplies, hydroponics equipment, and other products with an efficient ventilation rate from the experts.

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