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Omega Black 600W Digital Dimmable Ballast
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Omega 315W 240V Cdm Digital Ballast
Omega 1000W 400V Digi-Pro Digital Dimmable Ballast
Omega 600W Digi-Pro Digital Dimmable Ballast


Grow light ballasts can convert electricity from a typical outlet into the specific voltage required to run a plant lighting system. Eden Horticulture offers you a wide selection that you can choose from to set up the right kind of lighting solution your plants need to thrive in the grow room. We offer you excellent hydroponics wholesale solutions that will suit your budget and needs, too.

What are ballasts and how do they work?

A ballast powers the light bulbs. They can provide a high voltage to the grow lamps so that they can get started and keep running.

When you run a lamp, a ballast can provide it with a high voltage to start the arc, which at first has sodium in its solid form but then quickly melting and vaporising later. The resistance of the lamp drops when in the gaseous state, needing less power to keep running.

Our wide range of compatible ballast can ensure that the grow light is receiving its required current and nothing more.

Without a ballast controlling the electricity that the bulb is getting, the grow light's intensity will keep rising and might result in its blowing.

For example, a HID bulb needs a higher amount of power than what a digital outlet can provide when it's starting up. The ballast ramps up what it's receiving from the wall so that it can supply the lamp with the electricity it needs to run.

Once the lamp is running, the ballast will regulate whatever it's getting to ensure that the light will receive a stable electricity supply.

As the bulb becomes old, it needs more power, so the ballast works automatically in powering it adequately all the time.

But when the lamp gets to a point when it requires excessive power, the grow light ballast will shut down automatically to prevent any accident. This also means that the grow lamp needs replacement.


They're designed with a spool of wire wrapping around the steel sheet. To regulate electricity, it uses a canister made from metal or plastic.


They are designed with microchips and semiconductors, which can provide the lamp with a high voltage. They are more modern than the magnetic type and make them lighter, too.


Most electronic types can be labelled as digital but actually only if they contain a microprocessor.

In our store, we carry a broad range of ballasts.

One is the 600W Omega Ballast, which uses the latest in technology, offering a dimmable power output to the grow lamp. It can protect the lamp, while ensuring a reduced power consumption. This is perfect for dual spectrum and HPS lamps.

We also have the Omega Digi-Pro 600W Dimmable Digital Ballast that works more efficiently than other models on the market do. It is also more affordable while not compromising the quality. It can help you increase your operations efficiency, while lowering energy cost.

We also have the Omega magnetic ballasts, which are perfect for running HID lamps to maximise your crops growth potential. For the best results, we recommend using the Omega Dual Spectrum lamp with it.

Choose only Eden Horticulture for top quality, innovative, and affordable grow light ballasts.