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Omega Dual Spectrum Lamps
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Omega 1000W DE 400V Dual Spectrum Lamp
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Omega 1000W DE 400V Metal Halide Lamp

Grow Lamps

Grow lamps are artificial lights that support plant growth and development. They imitate and provide a similar light spectrum to the sun. They can also be tailored based on the crops requirements.
The outdoor conditions are mimicked by these lighting solutions with different spectral outputs, temperatures, and colours coming from the grow lights. The lamps also have varying intensities, so it is important to choose one appropriate for the type of plants you're growing indoors.
Based on the plants you're cultivating and growth stage, including germination or vegetative phase, and the photoperiod required by your plants, are specific grow lamps your plants need.
Other factors to choose the right lamps include colour temperature, luminous efficacy, and the spectrums specific ranges, as they determine the desirable use based on time and specific plants.

Indoor gardening made easier with our grow lamps hydroponics wholesale and distribution

Our grow lamps for indoor and greenhouse crops let you cultivate a wide range of plants no matter the season. Any time of the year, you can grow plants without having to worry about sunlight and climatic changes anymore.
Dual spectrum lamps
Halide lamps
HPS lamps
CDM lamps
CFL lamps
They work to substitute natural sunlight and aid in photosynthesis while providing plants with a suitable colour spectrum that they need to grow and thrive. With the correct grow lamp, bulb, or fixture as well as nutrients, additives, boosters, and the right equipment, you can ensure delicious fruits and vegetables.

Grow lamps care for your plants in the comforts of your apartment, home, or small indoor space

Grow light bulbs are cheaper and easier to use for many people, while grow light fixtures can be more expensive. Even so, these fixtures can offer growers a better solution because just one of them can offer multiple plant illumination.
They can disperse light evenly, too. It is because lighting fixtures for grow rooms are specifically made for indoor growing applications. They also tend to provide your grow room with a wider spectrum than a cheaper bulb does.
Which grow lamps to choose from? Incandescent bulbs can be the cheapest option, but they're hot. They have a high heat temperature and can become a fire hazard in tight spaces. They also have low efficiency.
On the other hand, fluorescent lights can produce a good light spectrum, while having a low heat signature. Most are compact fluorescent or tube lights. They are a more efficient solution than an incandescent bulb even if they are more expensive.
CFL lamps offer a nicer light spectrum that plants need as well as possess a longer lifespan. In the end, they tend to be the more economical option than incandescent bulbs.
In our store, we also sell LED grow lights, which are the most innovative in today's market. They possess a super low heat output while offering growers with a broad and ideal range of light spectrum.
LED lamps also offer energy savings, lowering utility costs, and provide plants with optimised colour suitable for growing. Nevertheless, LED light bulbs are the most economical, effective, and efficient grow lights.

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