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Combi Ducting
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Vortex Acoustic Ducting
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Ultra Silent Ducting
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Vortex Aluminium Ducting
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Silver Weave Tape X-Weave
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White Combi Ducting
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It makes perfect sense to create the best possible grow room ventilation system if you want to set up the best UK hydroponics and help your indoor plants to grow strong, healthy, and productive. You can have the best components for your system, especially for replenishing carbon dioxide and regulating heat, light, and humidity.
However, if you do not have the right product to connect these components or at least the systems fundamental parts, everything might go to waste. You need high-quality hydroponics wholesale products to facilitate ventilation in your modern grow room.

The Grow Rooms Ventilation Ductwork

Grow rooms require sufficient ventilation because indoor air is less mobile than outdoor air. You do not have the wind to move air and into your plants.
You need ducting to convey carbon dioxide-rich external air into your grow room where your plants can utilise it for efficient photosynthesis.
You also need it to convey the various photosynthesis by-products to the outside environment. Plants release oxygen into the grow room air, and your ductwork can convey this oxygen-filled air outside.

Types of Ducting Materials for Your Grow Room Ventilation System

There are two principal types of ventilation ductworks: rigid and flexible systems. Rigid systems feature steel, fibreglass, and other rigid materials. While you can use these ducting materials in your grow room, a better solution is a flexible type. At Eden Horticulture, we provide three.

Acoustic Ducting

Your ventilation systems blower or extraction fan can have a noisy operation, especially if you do not use Eden Horticultures recommended extraction fans. While you can retain your existing blower, it would be advisable to use the acoustic type to reduce the noise levels.
Our hydroponics wholesale experts recommend the acoustic type as a more cost-effective solution than silencers. For example, the Vortex Acoustic ducting can make your grow room quiet, providing growth-promoting white noise to your plants.
It features a unique material composition for improved sound absorption capabilities. It is also fire-resistant and will not release harmful volatile organic compounds and toxic gases into the atmosphere.
It is also more flexible than other grow room ventilation ductwork types. You can shape it any way you want to accommodate your systems various components.

Aluminium Ducting

The only difference between aluminium ducting and acoustic ducting is its material composition. For instance, the Vortex Aluminium Ducting features a high-tensile steel wire frame and a thin aluminium film laminated in polyester to give it strength.
The main advantage of aluminium type is that it holds its shape better than other ductwork materials. You can maintain a 90 or 120-degree angle without using an elbow connector. It makes for more efficient ducting for your grow room ventilation system.

Combi Ducting

A combi duct combines an aluminium ducting shape-retention capabilities and an acoustic ductings noise-dampening properties. It is a versatile ducting solution perfect for modern indoor growers.
You can check our Vortex Combi and White Combi Ducting if you want. Both products feature an aluminium interior and premium polyester exterior. They facilitate more efficient air movement while reducing blower noise.
The White Combi has an additional function. It can also serve as a reflective material for your grow room. It can bounce off light energy from your grow lights toward the plants, facilitating more efficient photosynthesis.
Ducting is an essential component of indoor garden ventilation systems. Eden Horticulture hydroponic distribution offers you quality ducting materials that are easy to install and durable, too.