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Aqualine Humidifiers
Aqualine Humidifiers
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Greenhouse Heater
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Greenhouse Heater
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Grow Gadgets Hygrometer With Probe
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Grow Gadgets Plug In Fan Speed Dimmer Max 300W
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Dry Bag 500ml Portable Disposable Dehumidifier
Vortex Thermostatic Fan Speed Controller 1000W
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Wooden Thermometer
Wooden Thermometer
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Rhino Smart EC Fan Controller
Plastic Thermometer
Plastic Thermometer
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Vortex Twin Speed Thermostatic Fan Speed Controller
Grow Gadgets Thermometer Waterproof Probe For Nutrient Temp & Grow Room

Climate Control

Soil and hydroponics UK experts recommend indoor gardens or the use of grow rooms for better climate control. These systems provide optimal control of variables, ensuring more robust plant growth.

Zone Climate Control in Grow Rooms

Controlling environmental variables is essential to ensuring optimum plant growth and maximum productivity. A climate control system allows indoor gardeners to monitor and manage the various environmental parameters that impact plant development.
The system promotes ideal conditions for growing plants, including the correct temperature, sufficient ventilation, and ideal humidity levels.

Common Types of Controllers for Indoor Gardens or Grow Tents

No single product exists to control all environmental variables in any given grow room setup. Instead, a typical climate control system includes several products that address specific plant-growing parameters. These technologies can include the following.

Humidity Control

Similar to the desiccant bags we use in many of our electronics, humidity control products work to absorb excess moisture in the grow room. There are also dehumidifiers that come in large canisters. Examples of these products include the Boveda Humidity Control 62% and the Dry Pot Portable Disposable Dehumidifier.


These devices have temperature-sensitive electronics that monitor the grow rooms ambient temperature. Some products display the temperature, allowing you to make the necessary adjustments to the grow rooms heating or cooling systems.
Other products connect to the extractor fan, increasing its speed if the temperature gets too warm and decreasing it if the grow room turns cold.


Perfect for growers living in cold climates or for growing cold-sensitive crops, heaters allow you to increase the grow tents ambient temperature to the ideal level. If it becomes too hot, you can always turn it off. A good example of this product is the Grow Gadgets Tube Heater.

Fan Speed Controller

There are various fan speed controller designs. Regardless, they all work to provide the same benefit modulate airflow or the grow rooms ventilation. In many cases, they work with heaters, air conditioning units, and thermostats.
If the device senses a less-than-ideal temperature for optimum plant growth, it adjusts the fan speed. It can go faster if the room is hotter than normal; reduce speed if it turns colder than usual.
Some fan speed controllers also connect to a carbon dioxide monitor. Specialists describe the connection as vital in ensuring optimum carbon dioxide levels in the grow room. Low carbon dioxide levels will trigger the extractor fan to increase speed, allowing it to draw in more air from the external environment. An example of a fan speed controller is the Vortex Thermostatic Fan Speed Controller.

Carbon Dioxide Controller

If you are a high-performance grower, there is a good chance you are shooting for 1,000 to 1,200 carbon dioxide parts per million. It may seem overkill because plants thrive in the natural environment with only 400 PPM of carbon dioxide. Nevertheless, carbon dioxide fluctuations do occur.
A carbon dioxide controller connects to a compressed CO2 tank. It has electronic sensors that monitor ambient CO2 levels in the grow room. If it senses a lower-than-normal CO2 level, it automatically activates the tank to deliver CO2.
Some products have a timer that instantly activates CO2 delivery in measured amounts and at predetermined intervals.
Hydroponics Wholesale and Distribution on Climate Control Products
Eden Horticulture believes you deserve only the best indoor air quality products that help control climate conditions and ensure more robust plant growth and productivity.

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