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Heavy Duty Timer
Grow Gadgets
Heavy Duty Timer
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Greenhouse Heater
Grow Gadgets
Greenhouse Heater
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Grow Gadgets Tube Heater
Grow Tools Premium Propagator
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Grow Gadgets Plug In Fan Speed Dimmer Max 300W
Grow Gadgets Digital Hygrometer
Grow Gadgets Oil Filled Radiator
Grow Gadgets Temperature Controller
Grow Gadgets Laser Thermometer
Grow Gadgets Heat Mat Thermostat (Max 1000W)
Grow Gadgets Precision Digital Scales 0.1g-2000g
Grow Gadgets 4 Pin Moisture Meter
Grow Gadgets Plug In Ozone Generator Air Purifier
Grow Tools Budget Propagator 54cm x 28cm x 20cm
Grow Gadgets Propagation Heat Mat
Digital Timer 7-Day 13amp
Grow Gadgets Ph-Pro Meter
Grow Gadgets 24hr Timer
Grow Gadget Budget EC Meter
Grow Gadget Budget PH Meter
Grow Gadgets Thermometer Waterproof Probe For Nutrient Temp & Grow Room


Grow Gadgets

Slow, traditional planting methods can no longer catch up with demands. That's why horticulture was developed, which is a way to grow plants using minimal resources. However, to get the most out of these minimal resources, they need proper supervision. Not only that, they need guidance aided by the latest technology.

This is where Grow Gadgets comes in. Innovative, reliable, and efficient, these must-haves from Grow Gadgets are a standard in hydroponic wholesale technology. They offer distributors an array of gadgets to supply to horticulture aficionados from all over. The name says it all – Grow Gadgets will make your yield grow.

About Grow Gadgets

Grow Gadgets specializes in simple and practical hydroponic electronics. The products range from timers to heaters, to radiators. This selection of gadgets comes in handy for any horticulture buff – whether to use for their hydroponic systems or to distribute them to other growers.

Specialists at Grow Gadgets make it a priority to make the process of hydroponics hassle-free. By specifically designing their devices for hydroponics, hydroponics distribution centres like Eden Horticulture don't have to look any further when it comes to top-tier gadgets.

The proper temperatures, measurements, and water levels all need to monitor. In a technical field like horticulture, one can't simply rely on nature's will.

That's why Grow Gadgets is the go-to brand for those vital horticulture devices. Their products are specially designed to aid in hydroponics needs.

Grow Gadgets Products

From timers to thermometers, to heaters – Grow Gadgets provides products for starting and long-term growers. Because hydroponics focuses on controlled environments, optimum conditions have to be fashioned to ensure that the maximum yield is produced.

In the lack of heat, Grow Gadgets provides specialized Tube Heaters to provide controlled heating. These ensure optimum temperatures at all times. No need to constantly check on weather reports and varying amounts of daylight.

Plants need varying conditions to thrive, but too much toxicity will spell disaster. To monitor any ongoing pH changes, the Grow Gadgets Ph-Pro Meter is the gadget for the job.

To best control and maximize growth, it’s recommended to keep an eye on the temperature. The Grow Gadgets Hygrometer monitors room temperatures and humidity changes. These fully customizable meters can send alerts when temperatures get too high and can also record past readings.

Besides external factors, plants also need nutrients. For optimal, uniformed results, plant food should be monitored down to the milligram The Grow Gadgets Precision Digital, specifically made for measuring out plant nutrients, gives growers the ideal precision tool.

Eden Horticulture Hydroponic Supplies & Grow Gadgets

The future is now with hydroponics – utilizing what the modern world has to offer to create nature's produce. Horticulture is no easy feat, but with enough determination and the right Grow Gadgets, anything is possible.

Since 2012, Eden Horticulture hydroponics distribution has been at the top of the hydroponics wholesale game establishing ourselves as a strong and sustainable force in the hydroponics industry.

For high-quality nutrient solutions, grow room essentials, grow lights, and hydroponics equipment, browse through our hydroponics distribution pages.

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