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Heavy Duty Timer
Grow Gadgets
Heavy Duty Timer
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Grow Tools Rope Ratchet Set 1/8''
Omega Kettle Lead With UK Plug
Grow Gadgets Laser Thermometer
3m IEC Extension Lead
Grow Tools Yo-Yo Hanger Set Ezi Rolls
Omega 5m IEC Extension Lead
Digital Timer 7-Day 13amp
Omega Cfl Lamp Hanger 4m
Omega Kettle Lead With EU Plug
Grow Gadgets 24hr Timer
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Omega Lighting Controller
Grow Tools Jack Chain 10m
Omega 315W Lamp Adapter Px-E40
Grow Tools Heavy Duty Rope Ratchets

Lighting Accessories

Eden Horticulture is your one-stop source of quality, affordable, and innovative lighting accessories from a broad range of brands known in the hydroponics industry. Through the years, we remain your trusted and reliable source of durable grow tents, lighting solutions, pots tanks, and tents, and more!

Hydroponic Wholesale: Lighting Accessories

On this page, you will find a broad range of quality accessories to set up the most appropriate lighting for your hydroponics plants. A few of our best sellers include the following.
Heavy duty timer: Our hydroponics distribution store sells top quality and robust timers that include a dust cover and a socket (select models).
Extensions: They are great for extending your IEC mains lead. All you need to do is to plug an extension lead onto your existing power cable to extend it to three metres longer.
Hanger set EZI rolls: Using yoyo hangers can let you adjust the height of reflectors and lights without any hassles within seconds. Just hook the rollers on a fixture, and then fasten the suspension cords to the brackets on your reflector. Finally, you can just adjust to your desired height before tightening and securing the clamp.
Digital timers: Install one in your grow room to program and control the operation of pumps, lights, and fans for a more efficient grow.
Rope ratchets: Our hydroponics wholesale shop sells quality rope ratchets that offer you ease in hanging your grow equipment with each of them accommodating up to 65 kilograms.
24hr timer: Our Grow Gadgets timer helps growers set day/night lighting times and programming a heater as well as irrigation cycles on specific periods. It is very reliable and is made of only high-quality materials.
CFL lamp hanger: It is a practical and cost-effective solution in using a CFL lamp if your grow room space is limited.
Lamp Adapter: This product can provide growers with an easy and quick way of running their CDM lights without using any fixtures in the setup.

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Since 2012, we've been the UK's leading hydroponics supplies and services company that envision to become one of the most reliable sources of indoor gardening products to help growers and farmers grow healthy and happy plants.


We offer you with the best prices to ensure you are getting the most of your spending and help you set up the most appropriate lighting your plants need to grow and develop properly. Our grow tents, lights, and plant essentials are high in quality while remaining affordable to give you the most value of your investment.

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