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Omega Infinity 3.0 Pro LED
Omega Black 720W LED
Omega 9W Clone LED Grow Light (Twin Pack)
Method Seven Eyewear LED
Omega Spectra G Line LED Grow Light G220
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Omega Spectra G Line LED Grow Light G100
Omega 18W Clone LED Grow Light (Twin Pack)
Omega Spectra G Line LED Grow Light G430
Omega Lighting Controller

LED Lighting

LED lights have increased in popularity in the past years among UK greenhouse growers and indoor gardeners. They are efficient and offer you plenty of benefits. You need LED lighting if you're growing indoors! LED lights can provide the kind of lighting that your plants need to boost their growth and development and maximise your yields.

LED Lighting in the Grow Community

Efficiency: LED lights are more efficient than HID lights are, translating to lower electricity bills on your end.

Doesn't have a burning temperature to harm plants: These lights are cooler than traditional lights that can raise the temperature in the grow room and eventually damage your crops. Plants also need to use more energy and water to survive in a very hot environment caused by traditional lights. LED lights are cooler than HID bulbs and systems, preventing heat damage risk to your plants. HID bulbs can also be a fire hazard if used in small spaces.

Longer operation lifespan: LED lamps offer not only a cooler temperature and enhanced efficiency, but they also need less frequent replacement because they can last longer. They can offer you a lot more hours. They can last for at least 50,000 hours compared to only 10,000 hours of typical bulbs, based on the selected light.

Wide range of spectrum: Another primary advantage of using these grow lights is their broad-spectrum energy range that they can provide. Choosing our hydroponics wholesale or retail lights, you do not have to worry about changing lights often as your plants are growing. We also offer a specific lighting solution that suits the crop you're growing.

Compact and space-saving: LED lights are less bulky than traditional lights or bulbs are. So, if you're growing in a small space or living in an apartment, LED lights are the right choice. They are perfect for tight areas aside from the cooler temperature that they can offer.

Money-saving: LED lighting is more economical because they do not require frequent replacements. They are also energy-efficient, so you can cut utility costs, too.

Easy to operate: Eden Horticulture offers plug-and-play LED solutions that eliminate the hassle of a tedious installation. For LED lighting solutions, we offer Omega grow lights, controllers, and LED lights, too.

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Through the years, we've been one of the most trusted and reliable suppliers and distributors of high-end hydroponics system solutions not limited to grow lights but also essentials and nutrients. 

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