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Method Seven Eyewear LED
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Method Seven Eyewear HPS
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Method Seven Catalyst
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Method Seven Polarized
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Method Seven

Method Seven is an innovative company composed of engineers, problem-solvers, and enthusiasts trying to unlock the human vision’s potential. The specialty optics company offers growers and hydroponics enthusiasts a new way of mastering visible light spectrum and making use of it in plant growth and development through their high-quality optics.

About Master Seven

Clarity, comfort, and safety, these are the guiding and primary principles of Method Seven in designing and developing their eyewear. They envision helping protect growers and those working in extreme visual situations usually characterised by long periods of exposure to pilot lights and intense lights.
They want to help UK hydroponics enthusiasts and make them see better even in extreme conditions they need to deal with every day in the grow room. They design and manufacture eyewear like no other – it can make growers see and look beautiful.
Through the years, they continue with their quest to develop better lenses and better frames for the better eyes of their consumers.

Master Products

Eden Horticulture carries different M7 products. We are happy and proud to offer their eyewear in our hydroponics wholesale centre because we believe in their integrity and dedication to the quality of their products.
Eyewear LED HYV-0351 is one of the most exceptional LED grow glasses featuring 100 percent UV protection and colour balance. Every grower looking for value and additional protection from an eyewear should get this. It is designed for different LED grow light spectrum including red and in fact the first in the world.
Eyewear HPS HYV-0352 is made from quality German mineral glass, which is scratch resistant and designed for high performance level.
Catalyst HYV-0385 helps indoor growers capture colour balanced and clear shots in the grow room using it.
Method Seven Polarized is an outdoor grow eyewear that is meant for outdoor farming.

Eden Horticulture Hydroponics Distribution on Method Seven

Check out Method Seven’s innovative, beautiful, and well-engineered optics and eyewear! The brand is one of the most known in the hydroponics industry. Their eyewear is created to help hydroponics enthusiasts and indoor/outdoor growers get the best of a grow room eyewear.
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