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Odour Control

Indoor gardening offers plenty of advantages. It gives growers a better control of the growing environment unlike outdoors where plants can be exposed to harsh elements and climatic changes. Unfortunately, indoor gardens can have a distinct odour that can spread throughout the room. That is why odour control is an important aspect of any grow room ventilation system.

The Odour of Indoor Gardens

Plants have a fresh scent that we all love to smell whenever we go outdoors. Sadly, the air inside grow rooms tends to move slowly, allowing volatile compounds to interact with other airborne particles.
During the process of photosynthesis, plants give off oxygen and other gases, including volatile organic compounds. When these compounds interact with moisture and other airborne substances, they form odour molecules that you can smell the moment you open your grow rooms door.

Odour Control for a Grow Room

There are two basic odour control technologies you can use in your grow room.

Air Fresheners

These products are similar to what we use in our homes, offices, and cars. Air fresheners introduce fragrance molecules into the air, masking or hiding the offensive smell.
One thing you need to understand about air fresheners is that they will not remove odour-causing compounds. When their effects start to wane, your grow room can still have a nasty smell. Still, we recommend these products for their excellent odour-neutralising abilities.
On the bright side, air fresheners from our hydroponics distribution shop are inexpensive and effective. We sell different scents to choose from so that you can start making your grow rooms gardening activities more pleasant and enjoyable.
Air fresheners come in different forms. The most common types are sprays, such as the Nilco Air Fresheners available Citrus, Spring, Lavender, Cranberry, and Smoke Away scents.
The Sureair Powerblast offers you a slightly different kind of scents, including Laundry Day, Cherry Power, and Watermelon. The brand also has a liquid refill available in Cotton Fresh, Bubblegum, and Lemon scents.
If sprays are not your type for your grow room, you can try gel products. We recommend Ona Gels in Apple Crumble, Fresh Linen, Tropics, Pro, Polar Crystal, and Fruit Fusion scents. These scents are also available in block form, in case you do not like gels.
Sureair also provides a small gadget for enhancing the odour-neutralising capabilities of its gels and blocks. You can place a Neutra Breeze Fan on the canister to make your grow room smell fresher.

Ozone Generators

Also known as ion generators, ozone generators are a different kind of odour control device for your grow room. These small gadgets do not release fragrance molecules into the air.
Instead, they emit small electric pulses to charge airborne particles. Some devices can also release collector agents that bind with the charged particles before returning to the ozone generator.
In a way, ozone generators are more effective in grow room odour control because they address the root cause of the issue odour molecules in the air. By electrically charging these suspended particles, ozone generators reduce the offensive smell in your grow room. They do not mask the odour molecules. They remove it.
That is why we strongly recommend the Grow Gadgets Plug-in Ozone Generator Air Purifier. Many believe in the gadgets ability to eliminate unwanted odours from your grow room. It can also address airborne pollutants to make your grow room air cleaner and safer for you to work on your plants.
Odour control is essential in keeping your grow room a more pleasant place to work. You will feel more energetic and motivated to care for your plants.

Our hydroponics wholesale company has partnered with hydroponics odour control brands to give you only the finest products.