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Odour neutralisers are essentials in a UK hydroponics grow room because they ensure that the circulating air does not smell foul or nasty. Growers who want to complete their odour control products never leave behind Ona, which is one of the most reliable odour neutralising solution providers on the market.

About Ona

Since 1995, it is one of the most trusted brands for supplying odour neutralisers in the hydroponics industry. It has the passion and excellence that makes it a well-known brand in this space.

So, for growers who want to neutralise the odour in the grow room, they can trust Ona. Our hydroponics distribution team is happy to carry their products in our centre.

Ona Products

Ona Gels are high quality and reliable for odour control. They are in a compact and sleek form without compromising their ability to bust odour in the grow room. They work by getting rid of the unwanted smells in the surroundings but without giving off any overpowering smells.

The scent is also long-lasting and each block can last for several weeks. These gels are also easy to use even for newbie growers. All they need to do is to unscrew the top and that’s it.

The blocks are also reliable and easy to use. They are in a compact form but maintain its powerful odour removal properties. These blocks can get rid of unwanted smells in the surroundings. These blocks contain natural and plant-based ingredients.

The Sprays, on the other hand, are also effective in masking foul odour in the grow room. Using it, growers can improve indoor air odour and maximise their spending because they can last long.

Nevertheless, ONA is one of the most reliable brands in the hydroponics industry when it comes to odour neutralisers.

Eden Horticulture Hydroponics Wholesale on ONA Products

Our hydroponics distribution team offers different ONA odour neutralisers that growers can trust to neutralise the odour in the grow room. For affordable, high quality, and efficient odour control products, browse this page. Also, check out other pages for more hydroponic supplies and hydroponics equipment.

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