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Fortefog Fumers
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Pyrethrum 5Ec 250ml
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Agrothrin Thrip Dust 100g
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The scope of plant care is vast. It starts by taking care of the growing plants, then by keeping their best state possible. It also needs to protect them against pests and insects.

Plants grow differently, and taking care of each of them is a unique experience for every grower. Some products can enhance care for plants and go beyond keeping them at their healthiest. It involves protecting them from pests that may compete with nutrients and minerals.

Fortefog provides plant growers with products that keep plant invaders away. Their accessibility at Eden Horticulture makes it among the best ones that plant parents can reliably reach out to in cases of pest infestation.

About Fortefog

Fortefog products are produced by PelGar International Limited. They have been the British leaders in producing the best rodenticide and insecticides meant to help farmers and control public health issues.

PelGar International Limited has invested in a development program coupled with dynamic research for all of their products.

PelGar International Limited has a range of rodent and pest control products, plant protection, insect repellents, and decontamination kits. They have been providing well-researched innovations that have helped farmers and home gardeners since 1995.

They are based in Hampshire, England, but they have offices and affiliations in Africa, Australia, North America, and Europe. Aside from that, their renowned products have been distributed in over 70 countries around the world.

Fortefog Products

One of the top-rated products from Fortefog is the Fumers which is very easy to set up and use. It is available for hydroponics wholesale use and is very effective in a hydroponic setting.

It is a non-toxic insecticide that targets both flying and crawling species that may potentially invade plants and even farms.

The high-quality Fortefog Fumers are particularly useful in a setting where spraying is limited or difficult.

Another specially formulated product is the Agrothrin Thrip Dust, which is a highly effective dusting powder that fights various plant pests. It directly targets root aphids, thrip larvae, springtails, and other plant invaders.

The pyrethrin component of Agrothrin Thrip Dust comes from chrysanthemum, which has a high insecticidal property, making it very effective. It is a free-flowing powder that is safe for indoor use. Its excellent value makes it very suitable for hydroponics distribution.

The other alternative that Fortefog offers as an insecticide is the Pyrethrum 5EC. It is safely formulated from chrysanthemum to control beetles, blackfly, greenfly, whitefly, caterpillars, and aphids, among others.

It can be safely used on organic fruits, flowers, vegetables, and other plants. It can also be used in growing areas, pot plants, and even in greenhouses.

This naturally-derived insecticide is safe for food crops, and what makes this an excellent choice is that it leaves no residue on every use. It is nontoxic for all seasons of almost all plants.

The innovative formulation of Fortefog products is unique in the way that it targets pests while maintaining its non-toxic capabilities to the user and the environment.

All of the products have been through a thorough process of scientific research and development with maximum efficacy and very minimal potential risk to the plants.

Eden Horticulture Hydroponics Wholesale on Fortefog

Eden Horticulture takes pride in providing clients with the best pest-battling agents that are highly effective and safe. We value the safety of plants regarding the use of insecticides.

The formulation from the world-renowned suppliers of insecticides are the one we have partnered with to guarantee both efficacy and safety. Reliability and safety are promised when it comes to keeping pests away from growing and adult plants.