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Growth Technology Formulex
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Growth Technology Root Riot
IONIC Hydro Bloom
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Growth Technology Ph Down
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Growth Technology Buffer
Clonex 50ml
Growth Technology
Clonex 50ml
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Growth Technology Liquid Silicon
Clonex Mist
Growth Technology
Clonex Mist
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Growth Technology Ph Up
IONIC Soil Bloom
IONIC Coco Bloom
Growth Technology Liquid Oxygen
IONIC Hydro Grow
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IONIC Coco Grow
Growth Technology Nitrozyme
IONIC Soil Grow
Growth Technology EC Standard
IONIC Cal-Mag Pro


Growth Technology

Hydroponic systems do not use soil to help users save some space. However, this poses a problem since the soil contains the most nutrients and minerals to ensure optimal plant growth. Hence, hydroponic plants have difficulty in nutrient intake, prompting growers to supply it themselves.

Growth Technology is one of the many brands providing nutrient solutions. Innovative and efficient, the company sees itself as one of the leading manufacturers of nutrient solutions for its iconic products, such as the Root Riot, Clonex, and Ionic lines. The company also offers numerous products for various plant needs.

About Growth Technology

It started as a humble commercial tomato and herb grower under the name, Hydro Gardens. During this stage, the company developed and used hydroponic nutrients for their crops.

As sales increased, the company rebranded into Growth Technology in 1985.

Today, it has headquarters in Taunton, Somerset, and its products are available in Chile, India, Russia, the United States, and Europe. Aside from this, Growth Technology also supplies products for garden centres.

Growth Technology Products

Growth Technology has a diverse product range; however, its core business remains with nutrient solutions. Recently, the company has experimented with and offered products focusing on specialist plants like chilies and orchids.

Their products are categorized based on the application.

The Growth Technology Clonex is one of the brand’s leading and top-selling products. This gel-based formula contains a healthy dose of hormones, nutrients, and vitamins targeted for root growth and comes in a 50ml pack.

Growth Technology is the first company that introduced this formula on the market, making them the industry leader. Born from experience, the Clonex is effective and is suitable for most plants and types of propagation.

The Growth Technology Root Riot is also one of the company’s notable innovations. These peat-based cubes have a spongy texture, enabling them to retain the ideal water/air ratio for optimal root growth and development.

The cubes are loaded with biologically active ingredients, micronutrients, and other organic materials. Hence, the Root Riot is suitable for young plants and seedlings and increases the chances for successful propagation.

Growth Technology is known for providing innovative and effective nutrient solutions on the market. They are well-known for the Clonex, Ionic, and Root Riot product lines. Moreover, the company also provides other products for different applications.

What makes Growth Technology unique is its customer service, articles and how-to guides to help growers use their products. They also offer numerous tips and tricks in gardening and plant life.

Eden Horticulture Hydroponics Wholesale on Growth Technology

Like all plants, hydroponic systems also require nutrients to achieve rapid and robust plant growth. However, due to the lack of soil in hydroponic solutions, these plants struggle. As such, growers need to supply the nutrients themselves.

Growth Technology is an excellent brand for nutrient solutions. Known for its innovative and diverse product lines, the company has everything one might need.

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