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Transplanting can cause stress and shock to plants. That is why growers use Superthrive, a well-known vitamin solution. With this product along with other nutrients, boosters, and additives, plants can thrive.

About Superthrive

Superthrive is a market leader and hydroponics player that has been trusted by thousands of growers from around the world. Sustainability is Dr John’s primary philosophy in the design and engineering of their products. Over the years, Superthrive is one of the trusted choices among UK hydroponic growers in plant nutrition.

The Plant Food

This product works by reviving stressed plants and helping them produce more! It has a nontoxic and unique formulation that can support and promote plant building blocks. It can help in fortifying plant’s growth from the inside and out.

Eden Horticulture Hydroponics Wholesale

This high quality supplement for plants is made with hormones and vitamins to encourage growth and revive stressed plants. It is compatible to use in any substrate and growing systems. For the best deals on hydroponics wholesale products, choose Eden Horticulture.

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