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Trimzilla Bowl Leaf Trimmer
Trimzilla 18" Warrior Cut Leaf Trimmer
Trimzilla 79cm Dry Rack
Trimzilla Bowl Trimmer Dry Grate
Trimzilla Spare Blades
Trimzilla Bucker
Trimzilla Bucker
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Trimzilla 16'' Quick Cut Leaf Trimmer Black
Trimzilla 18" Quick Cut Leaf Trimmer



Conventional leaf trimming requires hours and hours of hard work and misery, but not if growers can incorporate a new approach into leaf trimming. Remove the strain and the frustration of this hard work and let something else do the job. For all leaf trimmer problems, Trimzilla is the answer.

About Trimzilla

The company was established in April 2010 and has a registered office in Watford, Hertfordshire.

The brand is a firm believer that leaf trimming can be less stressful if the person has the practical help and tools to get the job done.

The leaf trimmers can significantly reduce the time of removing unwanted elements from a farmer's crop.

This gives agrarians the freedom and control to save the waste product and use it somewhere else. Some green thumbs believe in sustainability, and this brand promotes this objective too.

By purchasing any of the brand's trimmers, the stress is also slimmed down and can even be 100% removed. It provides simple action and hassle-free operations that can guarantee users with a low-cost trimming solution.

The products are made from premium stainless steel casing, making them almost indestructible. They are also designed to have rubber fingertips that can help turn the crop within the trimmer.

The main idea is to accomplish leaf trimming with the least possible customer effort. The brand is keen in ensuring that their products trim vast quantities of material in less time. By saving countless trimming hours, other activities that need priority attention can be attended to.

Additionally, it saves staffing as a two-person job can be effectively and promptly be completed by a single person. Plus, it requires lesser physical effort. Keep the trimming scissors away because the leaf trimmers of Trimzilla are everything required.

Trimzilla Products

Several products are being offered by Trimzilla, all suited to the unique needs and demands of the consumer market.

Below are a few of the brand’s products that will be a great addition to any grow room.

  • Trimzilla 16-inch bowl leaf trimmer

  • Trimzilla 19-inch bowl trimmer

  • Trimzilla 18-inch quick cut trimmer

  • Trimzilla bud leaf trimming bowl

Eden Horticulture Hydroponics Wholesale on Trimzilla

Overall, the Trimzilla is easy and straightforward to use. Almost everyone can use it, and the results are all consistently fantastic. But with its simplicity is a powerful mechanism where all that's needed is to turn the handle, and Trimzilla will work its magic.

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