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Trimbag Dry Trimmer
Trimbag Dry Trimmer
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Trimming is something that almost all plant farmers enjoy the least. But it is part of the harvest and production process, so it is still a non-negotiable task. It doesn’t have to be such a frustrating task with Trimbag.

About Trimbag

It is created by KB designs. It is intended to revolutionize the process of drying flower plants and make it easier and quicker. 

The brand was set to make changes in the trim scene in 2014, and tapping in the less known people, they created a more affordable way to make the daunting Trimming task more seamless with lesser customer effort. The idea and creativity were all born in the hills of Northern California.

After learning about the process, where it can retain the natural contours of the flowers and even the structure of the plants, unlike the existing Trimmers, the company knew that they would be changing how Trimming will be for the farmers.

After two years of perfecting the Trimbag’s engineering, the first version was released, and it was sold out in just six weeks. From there, the manufacturing and the continuous quest to make the products better is a non-stop process.

The brand would like to keep helping the farmers globally in expanding their operations. Trimbag believes that the farmers can have more free time to go back to their lives with the right tools.

Trimbag Products

Searching for an easy, quick, and simple solution to plant trimming has now come to an end because the key is getting a Trimbag. Becoming a human trimming machine has never felt more productive and liberating at the same time because, as farmers, it is crucial to get the job done effectively and correctly but not in a way that the entire day is spent just for trimming.

All products are designed to be highly portable with compact designs that can do the job without complications. There is no complicated assembly needed, and thanks to its intuitive hand placement, users can always expect a seamless and straightforward user experience. Here are some of the products under the Trimbag logo:

Trimbag Swagger Bagger Combo Pack

Camo Trimbag

Swagger Bagger

Green Scissor Turkey Bag

Mr. B's Green Trees Azospirillum

Trimbag is one of the best on the market because you get value for your money. Its portability, efficient user control, and other time-saving techniques give farmers a better plant trimming journey. Trimbag allows the farmers to enjoy their harvest.

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Plant growers can look forward to trimming with Trimbag because it gets the job done in less time without having to exert as much physical effort as before. Trimbag is a must-have for all flower plant farmers.

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