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Dry Trim Bag Trimmer
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Dry Trim

Trimming dried plant materials by hand is not only a lot of work. Trimming plants with trimming scissors can also reduce productivity because of the time it consumes. While farmers and growers can always get industrial-grade machine trimmers, it is expensive.

There is a more affordable and equally efficient solution. That is a bag trimmer. Thankfully, Eden Horticulture hydroponics distribution centre has a reliable partner in Dry Trim. It offers convenience to UK growers because it can make their operations more efficient.

About Dry Trim

Dry Trim is one of those companies that hydroponics enthusiasts can rely on to deliver high quality, affordable products. The brand specialises in bag trimmers to give growers and farm operators an efficient and economical mechanism for trimming dried plant materials.

The company believes that farmers do not need to spend a whole lot of money to make their operations more efficient. It designs and manufactures bag trimmers with the same dedication as big-name brands.

The brand uses only high-grade materials in the manufacture of its trim bags, ensuring durability and optimum performance.

Dry Trim partners with reputable UK hydroponics wholesale companies to market, sell, and distribute its Bag Trimmer more efficiently. It also coordinates with hydroponics distribution facilities to address potential handling and delivery issues.

Dry Trim Bag Trimmer

Dry Trim's Bag Trimmer is an affordable dry plant material trimmer that is as efficient as industrial-grade trimming machines.

It is a simple solution that farmers can use to process their dried plant materials. It can ensure only the best outcome with each tumble, spin, and flip of the trimming bag.

Using the Dry Trim Bag Trimmer is as easy as unzipping it and filling it with dry plant materials. After closing and securing the zipper, growers can begin the process of bag trimming.

There are several ways to do this. Raising and lowering the Bag Trimmer begins the trimming process by creating friction between the bag's inner surface and dried plant outgrowth.

Spinning the bag trimmer further improves the trimming process, sending plant materials in the opposite direction of the spinning bag. The bag's sifting mechanism bounces and shakes loose plant materials. This action allows farmers and growers to separate the loose materials from the plant body.

The Dry Trim Bag Trimmer does not include trimming blades or complicated parts and accessories. It only has a heavy-duty plastic mesh that filters loose dried plant materials.

The robust fabric lining protects the mesh from damage while ensuring the bag trimmer's durability. The closure features a military-grade zipper for more years of continuous use.

Farmers will never have problems storing this bag trimmer because it folds and compresses to a fraction of its size. It is the perfect solution for farmers with medium to large-scale operations.

Since it does not include motors, steel, and other high-tech materials, one can maximise profitability, too.

Dry Trim and Eden Horticulture Hydroponics Wholesale

Dry Trim is a trusted partner in providing high-quality and affordable hydroponics products to modern UK growers and farmers. The company has the same mission and vision as Eden Horticulture, making the partnership mutually beneficial. Farmers can trust us to deliver Dry Trim products in pristine condition and maximum functionality.

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