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Master Trimmer MT Professional
Master Trimmer MT Standard
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Master Trimmer Masterclean Solution


Master Trimmer

Master Products is an industry leader in harvesting equipment that offers farmers and growers the best possible method of trimming for their harvest. It is a reliable brand offering products with top quality and maximum performance.

About Master Products

UK hydroponics growers can trust Master Products for maximum yields, while not requiring much maintenance cost for small, medium, and large productions.

They manufacture machines in Europe using only the highest quality standards. These machines can reduce the cost of bucking, trimming, and deseeding of flowers.

The company is always discovering, researching, developing, and innovating to improve their trimmers and create new products.

Using the brand’s machines, growers can save on the cost that they otherwise must spend with old trimming methods.

MasterProducts allows farmers and growers to make their operation more efficient while not compromising the result’s quality. The hydroponic machines can improve the operator’s speed, cutting the time to spend on the processes involved from weeks to only a few hours.

The hydroponics equipment is also made in Europe and has been made using the most stringent quality control practices. So, for growers looking to get the most of their investment, they choose a Master Trimmer.

Master Trimmer Products

The trimmers Master Products sell are highly adaptable for any production levels. They are also made with tough stainless steel and without paint to prevent polluting the flowers. The machines are robust, stable, and precise, while also being high in performance and very quiet. They are also compatible for medical use.

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Choose Eden Horticulture hydroponics distribution for Master Products and the Master Trimmer tool for maximum yields. We are one of the UK’s leading wholesalers and distributors of high-quality trimming machines.

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