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Boveda Humidity  Control 62%
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Regulating humidity levels in a hydroponic system is essential. Too high can mean harm to plants. It can result in weak stems and even encourage mould and pest infestation.

In the beginning, the ideal temperature and humidity levels should be between 20 to 25 degrees Celsius and 60% to 70%, respectively.

Growers must then reduce their levels as the plants mature. In this case, they must use humidifiers. These items can help in preventing overheating in a hydroponics setup.

One of the most helpful brands for this is Boveda that manufactures innovative products to keep optimal humidity. It is a global brand known for its two-way humidity control products.

About Boveda

What started as a desire to preserve and improve the humidify in a personal cigar collection resulted in the establishment of a leader in humidity controllers.

Known as Humidi-Pak, the brand was on a mission to streamline humidity control. Boveda traces its roots back to a makeshift office in an ordinary home in 1997.

The company was doing well and steadily gaining traction with its humidity control bags. It increased its popularity when it created its two-way humidity control packs in the 2000s. They changed their name to Boveda, which is the Spanish word for "vault".

From then, the company continued to soar in popularity. Through the years, it has carved its name in the industry as one of the leaders in the space.

Currently, Boveda has its headquarters in Minneapolis, MN, USA, and it has numerous contacts for hydroponics distribution in Asia, Europe, and North America.

It also ventured into different partnerships including hydroponics wholesale and hydroponics distribution on supplies.

Boveda Products

The global brand for humidors, Boveda has provided an easy and convenient way to regulate humidity levels. Their products can be used in various applications, ranging from hydroponic systems, food packaging, wood instruments, and other products.

Boveda’s most popular product is its humidity control packs, which come in various sizes and packaging for convenience. The number written in the packet indicates the relative humidity percentage (RH%) level that users can choose from.

These humidity control packets feature a two-way technology. It has an all-natural salt and purified water formula to regulate humidity by constantly adding or removing moisture from the environment and delivering the desired RH level that the product needs.

The 62% and 58% RH humidity control packs are ideal for hydroponic systems.

The 62% RH packs are excellent for sprouts and seedlings as optimal humidity levels should be between 60% to 70%.

As the plants grow and mature, growers should also gradually decrease humidity levels.

The 58% humidity control packs are ideal when the plant enters the flowering stage.

Why Boveda?

Aside from ensuring that they get sufficient nutrients, hydroponic plants require specific temperature and humidity levels for robust growth.

Many growers use humidifiers and dehumidifiers to control and regulate temperature and humidity levels in their setup.

Boveda provides a simpler and more convenient way with its two-way humidity control packs. These easy-to-use packs come in various sizes, packaging, and RH levels, giving growers several options on what best suits their needs.

After years of research, testing, and experimentation, Boveda came up with the perfect formula to control and maintain certain humidity levels.

Boveda is also popular because their products are convenient to use. It is easy for growers to tell when the packets need replacement, as they turn to solid water.

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