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Canna Brush

The agro and hydroponics industry in the UK is growing more robust each year. Manufacturers work with growers, listening to their experiences, and noting their problems to come up with better solutions. One such manufacturer is CannaBrush, a small company aiming to revolutionise the way farmers and growers trim their plants.

About Canna Brush

Canna Brush is a specialty brand of plant trimming devices that revolutionise the way farmers and growers take care of their crops. Its dedicated team of experts pushes the limits of innovation, creating interesting and useful products.

While the company only has one product – CannaBrush – it is changing the hydroponics landscape by offering growers a unique ergonomic trimming brush for plants.

The company believes that the days of trimming scissors are long gone. Growers need a tool that works efficiently without compromising ergonomics and comfort.

The company partners with various hydroponics distribution and hydroponics wholesale companies like Eden Horticulture to ensure maximum availability and accessibility to their trimming tool.

Farmers will never have to complain about tired and aching hands and arms again,while ensuring the most efficient way to keep their plants looking as pristine as ever.

The Canna Brush Hand Trimming Tool

The CannaBrush is an ingenious hand trimming tool for growers, allowing them to trim their plants faster than scissors can while protecting trichomes. The main issue with using scissors is that they can produce chopped trichome heads, altering plant quality.

The company designed the CannaBrush for optimum plant trimming, retaining the plant’s organic shape by keeping trichome heads intact.

This trimming tool is as easy to use as a basting brush. Growers only need to grab the soft and ergonomic handle and brush the silicone paddles over the plant section that requires trimming.

Farmers can finish a single area in seconds, where a pair of scissors would have taken minutes.

The CannaBrush relies on its 100% food-grade silicone paddles to trim trichome heads. The use of silicone ensures gentler handling of plant trims while resisting resin adhesion. Its unique design guarantees faster trimming of more substantial volumes of plant sections.

UK hydroponics growers need to hold the CannaBrush at a 15-degree angle relative to the plant stem. They can then brush the tool over the plant section, allowing them to trim as many as 200 grams of outgrowths per hour.

One advantage of the CannaBrush over conventional trimming scissors is its ergonomic handle. It feels soft and comfortable on the hand without putting unnecessary strain on the wrists and hands.

Since growers brush the tool over their plants, there is no need to focus on which stem they are cutting. It saves the eyes from strain and protects growers from possible eye problems.

The CannaBrush is also easier to clean than a conventional scissor. Farmers can place the tool in the freezer overnight and knock off the resin tips gently the following morning.

Canna Brush and Eden Horticulture

At Eden Horticulture, we partnered with CannaBrush to provide modern farmers and growers a more efficient tool for keeping their plants in excellent condition. We believe in the company's pursuit of product quality and excellence, ensuring clients the best value for their money.

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