Take Total Control Of The Propagation Process

Take Total Control Of The Propagation Process

Take Total Control of The Propagation Process

Cultiwool propagation cubes put you in total control of producing new plants from your cuttings and seedlings. Their special rockwool formulation gives your plants the aeration and moisture content they need to grow a strong and sturdy rootzone.

From the smallest of the individual Cultiwool cubes to full blown propagation trays, Cultilene’s growing cubes give you the base structure to build strong and successful plants. 

Unique growing composition

Similar to other glass fibre materials Cultiwool is composed of spun fibres of molten basalt and limestone. Their unique formulation gives you a base for growing upon which the strands allow air to flow through them to benefit the rootzone and allow moisture to pool at the bottom of the cube allowing your roots constant access to nutritious liquid that promotes strong and steady growth.

Having a strong rootzone is exactly what you need for strong and healthy plants that will give you the fruits and blooms that you as either a professional or hobbyist desire. We don’t grow plants just to see stems, we want healthy and vibrant leaves, blooms and fruits.

For healthy roots in a hydroponic system your roots need four things; oxygen, consistent temperature, water and nutrients. The use of Cultiwool gives your roots access to oxygen thanks to their strand structure, and keeps them well insulated at a consistent temperature. The unique nature of the wool strands allows water to pool in the bottom of your cube giving your roots constant access to both water and nutrients.

Cultiwool is designed and formulated to give your roots the best, giving you the best chance at a successful garden and healthy plants.

Enjoy uniform growth

The propagation cubes and in particular the Cultiwool slabs, upon which you can transplant your starter cubes, are fantastic for promoting uniform growth. With their high-quality composition, they allow you to maintain a high level of control over nutrient and moisture distribution. Meaning that there is even access for all plants to the same concentration of oxygen, water and nutrients. Giving you the best possibility of uniform growth.

Why use Cultiwool

  • The growing substrate offers excellent saturation and re-saturation;
  •  Positive effect on EC levels;
  •  Excellent air-to-water ratio for rich root growth;
  •  High-performance product;
  •  Reliable, durable and resistant.

Cultiwool and you

Get in touch today with our office to discuss the benefits of Cultiwool and how you too can take advantage of the fabulous benefits of using Cultiwool for routine and uniform growth.

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