Don’t Feel the Pinch with our Grow Gadgets Heater Selection

Don’t Feel the Pinch with our Grow Gadgets Heater Selection

Don’t Feel the Pinch with our Grow Gadgets Heater Selection

The Heat Is On… 

And for most of us that’s a terrifying thought. With skyrocketing energy prices how can you make your grow space more energy efficient. Well we’ve decided to have a look at the heaters that we provide and how they can better help your expenditure.

We looked at the running costs of our Grow Gadgets Tube Heaters, Grow Gadgets Oil Filled Radiators and Greenhouse Heaters to see what can give you better results and help you make a more informed decision when thinking out your hydroponic setup’s energy output.

Tube Heaters the Answer for Smaller Spaces 

A Tube Heater is a fantastic solution to keep your grow spaces at the optimal temperatures needed for your plants. The smallest heater has an energy output of 60 Watts, this is roughly the same as a 42” LED SMART HD television. 

When looking at cost running a 60W heater will set you back roughly £0.02* per hour. Meaning that for a 12 hour cycle you’ll have an energy output of £0.24 or a 24 hour cycle you’re looking at £0.48.

A 120W heater comes in twice as expensive as you’d imagine and that’s £0.04 and a 180W heater will set you back £0.06 per hour. The 240W will cost you £0.08 per hour, if you’ve got an urban garden, or a grow tent in a nook in your house this might just be the solution for you!

Oil Filled Radiators an Ideal Choice for Large Spaces

With their higher wattage and thus higher energy cost it might seem strange that we would be telling you that oil filled radiators are great for larger spaces. Well the truth is, they are! 

At 1000W it's £0.34 per hour to run, but the key difference between the oil filled radiator and the tube heaters is that it has a brilliant heat retention ability. Which means that it will keep on heating your space long after it has been turned off. This gives you the flexibility to set your heaters for shorter periods of time and still maintain an ambient temperature in your space.

Greenhouse Heaters the Way To Go for More Industrial Spaces

Coming in at 2kW and 3kW Greenhouse Heaters are probably not the best way to go if you’re just looking to heat a propagation tray or two of cuttings. However if you’ve got a big space that needs to be heated quickly and maintained at that temperature constantly then the greenhouse heater is certainly a fantastic option. 

They might be the most expensive options on the list here at £0.68 per hour for the 2kW and £1.02 per hour for the 3kW, however if you’ve got a big space you’d only need to run one or two of these heaters as opposed to a much greater quantity of oil radiators or tube heaters.

Beat The Freeze Your Way

When reviewing your energy output your heaters might not be your first port of call. However we hope that the information that we’ve provided here for you might give you some food for thought on how best to economise your growing setup.

With a cost-effective and energy efficient setup not only will you reap the rewards of beautiful crops, but also in saving your input too. Whichever you choose that works for you, we have everything you need to make sure you can build a fantastic indoor garden.

*Based on energy rate of £0.34 per kWh as per October 2022

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