July-August Newsletter

July-August Newsletter

🌻 Embrace the Blooming Summer Deals! 🌿

Check your postboxes and mail slots because we’ve sent you something special. That’s right the newsletter has landed! Our Summer edition is full of discounts and new products.

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Eden Website Features

By now, you should have received an activation email to get up and running on Eden 2.0. We have put some of the amazing new features and benefits in this month's newsletter. Have a good look around and take full advantage of the new system. 


9W & 18W Omega LED Clone Light

You spoke, and we listened. The 18W Omega LED Clone Light has been halved! The all-new 9W Clone comes in a new size of 545mm. It may be smaller but it still has specs that are huge! You can expect 17 Umols/s PPF and 1.9 Umols/J efficacy from this little beast. The 9W Clone will be available in later July with an introductory offer of buy 10+ and get 5 free budget propagators. 


Ventilation Products

We have lowered the prices of some of our best ventilation items. It doesn't stop there, selected fans are BUY 5 GET 1 FREE for the whole of July & August! Take a look at the great products available in our ventilation range here.


10% off Aqualine Humidifiers

The full Aqualine range of humidifiers are all 10% off this July & August! 


New Plagron Power Buds

Power Buds gets you more bud formation and speeds up the flowering. When used from the moment you switch your cultivation from growing to flowering, your plant will start spending her energy producing buds. As a result, the plant creates flowers faster, stays compact and forms more flowers.


FREE Root Nurse dump bins! 

There back! Get your on hands on a free Root Nurse dump bin. Simply purchases a box of Root Nurse fabric pots from 16L up to qualify. 


Blooming trend

Our REP Luke has written a thrilling article on the rebirth of hobby growing. Check it out in your latest Newsletter edition. 

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