New To Eden: SHOGUN Nutrients

New To Eden: SHOGUN Nutrients

Introducing: SHOGUN Nutrients

Our latest launch is the SHOGUN range! We’re now official distributors of SHOGUN products and can’t wait to showcase their exceptional collection of nutrients. 

SHOGUN was created in the UK out of a gap in the market: technically superior, affordable nutrients that provide the results growers want.  

Headed by a highly knowledgeable team, they’ve combined their expertise in biochemistry, formulation chemistry, and global plant research to create an exceptional range of nutrients. The result is the SHOGUN range and two unique ingredients they’ve called AquaZen and SmartZen. 

These ingredients show SHOGUN’s commitment to pioneering research:


SmartZen Maximiser

SmartZen is the backbone of all SHOGUN base nutrients. It’s a built-in yield booster that you can incorporate from seed to flowering. 

It’s a complex mix of sterols, tannins, lignans, and hydrocarbons that maximise the functions responsible for yield growth. SmartZen is proven to increase fruit and flower production by up to 8% more than a standard NPK fertiliser. 

It works from the very beginning, increasing chlorophyll production in young plants. The formula is rich in amino acids and B vitamins, which reduce transplant shock. From the beginning, a product like SHOGUN Start will accelerate photosynthesis and produce higher yields for a longer period. 

What’s more, SmartZen increases heat tolerance. This is especially useful if you’re growing with lights: plants will better retain water and withstand the sometimes harsh conditions of a hydroponic environment. 


AquaZen Slow Water 

This is a polymer created exclusively by SHOGUN. It’s made to prevent false drain - an issue most often found in coco, where a nutrient solution passes straight through the substrate without soaking it. 

Water is made up of strong, stretchy molecules that can bend around fibrous media without being absorbed. 

SHOGUN AquaZen adds a surfactant, a substance that breaks the stretchy bonds and lets water soak completely through the substrate. Growers can say goodbye to uneven root growth, dry sides, and excessive drainage. 

You’ll find AquaZen in SHOGUN Samurai Coco A&B. Thanks to their leading research and development, SHOGUN eliminates one of the main drawbacks of growing in coco. 


What does SHOGUN offer?

All SHOGUN nutrients provide clear-cut results, backed by years of research. You’ll know the exact processes taking place in your plants and why. Each product is lab tested by an independent third party - meaning customers receive the same perfect quality every time.

At Eden, we’re impressed by SHOGUN’s inimitable research - this isn’t a copycat brand! We believe they’re set to be market leaders, and so we’re bringing 15 of their products to you. 

Stay tuned for:


  • SHOGUN Start: Uses auxins to elongate plant cells in early growth - meaning they’ll grow taller for the rest of their lives. It also vastly increases the survival rate of cuttings. 

  • SHOGUN Katana Roots: Stimulates root initiation and elongation. Its boron-rich formula creates fluffy, resilient roots in as little as 5 days. 

  • SHOGUN CalMag: A calcium and magnesium supplement perfect for use in coco. 

  • SHOGUN PK Warrior: A genuinely unique PK. SHOGUN has upturned the traditional 13/14 ratio in favour of 9/18! It’s strategically designed to hit plants with peak ratios in their peak growing periods. 

  • SHOGUN Sumo Boost and Sumo Active Boost: A triacontanol hit to increase essential oils and stimulate multiple fruit- and flower-enhancing functions. 

  • SHOGUN Silicon: “Glues” between cell walls for firm plant structure. Create a garden that’s more resistant to pests, weather, and disease. 

  • SHOGUN Zenzym: Clears dead root matter in the substrate and turns locked-up nutrients into minerals and sugars to feed beneficial microbial life. 

  • SHOGUN Samurai Coco A&B: A revolution in hydroponic growing. Thanks to the unique AquaZen we mentioned above, SHOGUN has removed the absorption and leaching issues associated with coco.   

  • SHOGUN Samurai Terra Grow: Iron, sulphur, and magnesium work with SmartZen for the highest-quality soil fertiliser around. 

  • SHOGUN Samurai Terra Bloom: Developed through the team’s extensive knowledge in soil nutrient availability.  

  • SHOGUN Geisha: A ready-to-use foliar spray that increases plant metabolism and heat tolerance. Thanks to its boron content, you’ll see maximum uptake of potassium. 

  • SHOGUN Samurai Hydro Grow A&B: Sets your hydroponic system up for the best! SHOGUN has developed a separate formula for hard and soft water, each made to improve nutrient distribution around your plants’ vascular system. 

  • SHOGUN Samurai Hydro Bloom A&B: Separately formulated for hard and soft water, these A&B bases use SmartZen to achieve bountiful yields. 

  • SHOGUN Dragon Force: An end-of-life booster that accelerates maturation in your plants’ final days. It utilises all a plants’ saved-up resources and is rich in sulphur for prime essential oil production. 

  • SHOGUN Coco Multipack: A bumper pack of 6 SHOGUN nutrients, put together to achieve peak growth in coco. 


Expect nothing less than premium, consistent results - all with great dilution rates and at an affordable price. 


Available at Eden

You can find all the products above on the Eden website. SHOGUN has kindly provided a wealth of insight, as well as feed charts and videos, to help you utilise the range and achieve premium results. As one of the leading hydroponics UK brands, we only share products that we truly believe will bring something unbeatable to your garden. 

Browse our SHOGUN range now or call your local rep for more information.

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