Eden's March / April Newsletter

Eden's March / April Newsletter

Eden’s March / April Newsletter

We’re coming in with a fresh makeover and the launch of our brand new catalogue. We hope you’re ready!


The New Eden Catalogue

We’re not kidding when we say it’s immense. Our 2022-23 Eden Horticulture Wholesale Catalogue has almost 400 pages of your favourite hydroponic equipment and our highest-quality new finds. 

Prepare to feel like a kid at Christmas as this lands on your doorstep. You’ll find the largest range of nutrients in the industry, as well as premium grow lighting, tents, pest control, propagation tools, and so much more. 

We’re now official distributors for trusted ranges like Rhino, AutoPot, and SHOGUN - so you’ll find the products you love at our competitive wholesale prices. 

All Eden members will receive a catalogue by post, as well as exclusive access to our digital version.

Feel free to call your local rep if you’d like an extra copy for your store. Please be aware that our rep Richard Hamilton has left the business. We advise any clients that previously dealt with him to give our office a call on 01952 455 725 - there should be a new rep knocking on your door in no time. 

Our catalogues are on their way now, so please keep checking your postbox. It won’t be long!


New for Spring

Our catalogue is the showcase for all of our new products. Luckily, this month’s newsletter gives a preview of what you might find: 



We’re proud distributors of SHOGUN, an exceptional range of nutrients headed by an expert team. They’ve used their prowess to develop unique growth-boosting formulas and two secret ingredients, SmartZen Yield Maximiser and AquaZen Slow Water.

SmartZen is a built-in yield booster, designed for use from germination to flowering. It increases chlorophyll production and is proven to increase fruit and flower quantities by up to 8% more than your regular NPK fertiliser. 

AquaZen Slow Water increases the wetting ability of substrates like coco and stops “false drain”. This is where nutrient solution passes straight through the substrate without soaking it. 

SHOGUN’s radical technology helps the substrate to better retain nutrient solution; reducing waste, strengthening the rhizosphere, and keeping plants fed for longer. 

We’ve got 15 SHOGUN products for you to choose from. With yield-boosting Dragons, heat-resistant Geishas, and PK Warriors, there’s something for any substrate and every stage of growth. 

There’s a blog post all about SHOGUN coming up tomorrow, so be sure to read up if you’re curious about this fantastic range. 


Rhino Filters

This is some giant-sized news. Rhino has been leading the air filtration game for years - and they’re now available to purchase on the Eden website. 

Quality is key with Rhino, no matter your growing ability. Their Pro and Hobby carbon filters are designed to suit different skill levels; yet each uses the same premium RC-412 Australian carbon, the most effective kind on the market.

Rhino filters will keep your grow room smelling fresh for up to 2 years. Plus, we’re now official distributors - find them on Eden here



If you haven’t heard of AutoPot, prepare to be amazed. This revolutionary technology feeds your plants automatically using just gravity!

Its unique airlocking technology and float valve system delivers the perfect amount of nutrient solution to your plants as and when needed. It will never over- or underfeed, and you’re free to leave your plants unattended for up to 2 weeks

You’ll find the full range in our catalogue and newsletter; we’ve got accessories, individual modules, and systems that feed up to 100 plants at a time. 



As well as introducing our new products, we’ve got great savings on the hydroponics equipment you know and love: 


Rep Reviews

Finally, our rep Carl is here to talk about his favourite product of the moment, TechBoost EX:EL. This dazzling foliar spray can be applied with grow lights on!

We won’t share all the secrets here, though - you’ll have to read the newsletter to find out why Carl loves this product so much.


Get in Touch 

We’re hoping this mad new launch will tide you over until the next newsletter. In the meantime, follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see what we’re doing and stay up to date with all our deals.

Call your local rep if you want to know more about any of the products mentioned here, or to request an extra copy of the catalogue. 


See you in May!

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