Introducing: Rhino Ventilation

Introducing: Rhino Ventilation

Introducing: Rhino Ventilation

Don’t let plant odours become the elephant in the room. Make them the Rhino instead!

Chances are you’re familiar with Rhino; they’ve been frontrunners in the ventilation industry for close to 50 years. Loved for their durability and long shelf life, Rhino has come to be known as a mark of quality in any hydroponic setup. 

At Eden, we’re thrilled to distribute the Rhino Hobby and the Rhino Pro, two first-class carbon filters from this leading brand.


Why use a carbon filter?

Plants need humid air and plenty of water, but this is an easy road to a stagnant environment if it’s not well ventilated. 

Conditions like root rot can make these odours even worse. And that’s not to mention the dust, pollen, and tiny bugs that can all find their way in! 

A fan will distribute cool air around your grow space, but independently it won’t do anything to clean it. A ducting system will transport stale air outdoors, but these odours and pollutants just end up in a different place. 

This is where a carbon filter comes in: it purifies air, removing odours, VOCs, and contaminants for a totally fresh environment. 


Why Rhino?

Carbon is full of pores that trap odour and dirt molecules as they pass through a carbon filter. These molecules cannot get out and are neutralised for good. 

Rhino carbon filters use Australian RC-412, the purest carbon on the market. 

This virgin activated carbon has a pore size of 0.2 microns (0.0002mm) - while that sounds pretty tiny, it’s one of the largest around. As a result, Rhino filters are one of the fastest and most effective forms of odour, VOC, and contaminant removal in the ventilation industry. 

Rhino knows that all growers deserve exceptional quality; it shouldn’t just be for the elites! They’ve developed the Rhino Hobby and the Rhino Pro carbon filters to prove this. 

Each accounts for your budget, growing time, and level of expertise - while both delivering the highest performance possible. 


Rhino filters:

  • Are durable, efficient, and light;

  • Use the most porous virgin activated carbon;

  • Eliminate odours and VOCs instantly;

  • Last longer than standard carbon filters;

  • Use innovative solutions to outperform their competitors;

  • Fail to compromise on professional quality. 


Rhino Hobby Filter

The Rhino Hobby Carbon Filter is designed for the entry-level grower, yet it doesn’t compromise on expert quality. You’ll get double the lifespan on its 30mm carbon bed thanks to the filter’s reversible neck.

Generally, you’d only use one side of the carbon bed before you dispose of it. The other side goes to waste!

The Rhino Hobby’s reversible neck lets you flip the carbon bed regularly, ensuring that both sides get used and you get double the value for money. It will last approximately 9-12 months in this way; that’s impressive considering its beginner-level cost. 

The Hobby is housed in a lightweight aluminium casing, making it easy to install and great for smaller setups. Working with fans up to 1420m3/h, it’s an expert’s answer to small-scale indoor gardening. 


Rhino Pro Filter

Expanding your garden? The Rhino Pro is the next step up. Its 50mm, RC-412 carbon bed neutralises odours on contact for up to 2 years. It’s encased in a 51% custom open mesh, which allows full air movement. Nothing will go amiss. 

Both Rhino models have an innovative “vortex” cone in their base. They create a tornado effect inside the filter, spinning air around to make sure that all air circulates evenly. 

The Pro is a match for even the most powerful fans. It performs exceptionally with air outputs up to 3600m3/h

Once you have a Rhino in your repertoire, you’ll want to keep it forever. When your filter’s lifetime is up, you can buy replacement sleeves to keep it working for even longer. That means you’ll get the same professional quality for another 2 years, with less cost and less waste. It’s truly an investment piece.


Available on Eden 

Both the Hobby and the Pro are available to buy on the Eden website now! We’ve been so excited to share the news.

Buy Rhino filters from one of the UK’s leading hydroponics wholesale suppliers - just speak to your Eden rep or call our office on 01952 455725.

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