Eden And AMEX: Buy Now, Pay Later

Earn up to 54 days extra credit with Eden and AMEX

Eden Horticulture is thrilled to offer their customers a more flexible way of paying in their new collaboration with American Express B2B.

The scheme offers up to 54 extra days to complete payment, allowing total flexibility through the ebbs and flows of running a business. Pay at any time in this period with no additional fees or penalties. 

New members will receive 20,000 bonus points when they spend £3000 with their Gold Business Charge card in their first three months of membership. 

Membership points have no expiration date and can be spent on any reward the holder chooses. Shop from an extensive range of electrical and entertainment gifts, offset upcoming payments on your statement or use your rewards for travel. A holiday is on everyone’s minds right now - these 20,000 points could cover a return flight to New York City courtesy of AMEX.  

The scheme is designed to build trust among wholesale B2B partnerships and reward loyal clients for their usual spending. On top of the inaugural bonus, members will earn 1 membership point per £1.


How do I use the Eden and AMEX Partnership Scheme?

Once a member, use your card in the following way to benefit from the rewards and 54-day payment extension:

  • Use your AMEX business card for business spending;

  • Pay off in full (APR and interest-free), using your current business bank account and within 24 days of receiving your monthly statement;

  • Earn 1 Membership Rewards point per £1 spent. 


Additional incentives

As well as a payment extension of up to 54 days and 20,000 extra membership points, the partnership offers a wealth of further advantages:

  • FREE membership for the first 12 months (usually £175 p/a);

  • Support from a dedicated personal account manager;

  • Up to 99 complimentary Employee Cards, with total visibility as to what is being spent and when;

  • 10,000 extra Membership Rewards points when you spend £20,000 per quarter. 


Eden Horticulture is going gold and, as one of the leading hydroponics wholesalers in the UK, we’d love for our customers to reap the benefits of our brand new partnership. Speak to your local Eden rep to sign up or discuss the scheme further - we’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

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