Introducing: Eden Horticulture 2022-23 Catalogue

Introducing: Eden Horticulture 2022-23 Catalogue

Introducing: Eden Horticulture 2022-23 Catalogue

After months of hard work, we couldn’t be more excited to announce that our Eden Horticulture 2022-23 Catalogue is here!

We mean it when we say there are thousands of products for you to get your teeth into. 

This year marks the beginning of some amazing new partnerships - some you may love already and others we can’t wait for you to meet. Eden is now an official distributor of Rhino ventilation, SHOGUN nutrients, and AutoPot feeding systems. 

You’ll be able to see exactly why our team loves them in our catalogue, but keep your eyes peeled for upcoming blog posts on all our favourite new hydroponics brands. 


The A4 catalogue is split into colour-coded chapters for easy reference. You’ll find premium hydroponics equipment including:

  • Grow lighting;

  • Grow tents;

  • Ventilation and environment equipment;

  • Pots, trays, and tanks;

  • Propagation tools;

  • Growing media;

  • Nutrients;

  • pH and EC monitoring;

  • Pest and disease control;

and so much more, all at our competitive wholesale prices. 

You’ll find every product that we stock, old and new. Each has an image, description, list of key features, and a product code for easy ordering on the Eden website.


There’s also:

  • Helpful spec on everything from product dimensions to noise level;

  • Spectrum graphs and efficiency charts for our top-quality grow lighting;

  • The largest range of nutrients in the industry;

  • An all-new cover design. 


We’ve been posting sneak peeks of the catalogue on our social media, so make sure you’re following Eden Horticulture on Facebook and Instagram for insight into what you can find. 

All Eden members should have received a complimentary catalogue in the post and access to a digital copy on our website. You’re also welcome to call your rep for an extra copy. Orders are out as we speak…

We really believe it’s our best yet and we can’t wait to see what you think!

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