Low Cost High Quality Grow Tents

Low Cost High Quality Grow Tents

Low Cost High Quality Grow Tents

Bay 6 Grow Tents are a low cost and high quality grow tent that have a fantastic market share in the hydroponics world. Their impressive design and reflective mylar interiors give you a fantastic growing environment in which your plants can thrive.

There are multiple reasons to use a grow tent when considering a hydroponic approach to gardening. They maximise space, they can be utilised all year round, they conserve energy and they keep pests out.

From Propagation to Flowering

Across the Bay 6 range they have options for all scenarios and setups. If you’re looking specifically for something to help with the propagation of your cuttings you could consider the Bay 6 Mini Propagation tent that will give you and your cuttings the very best environment to boost your young plants. 

At the other end of the scale, there is the more industrial option in the Bay 6 6m x 3m x 2.4m tp truly maximise your space and build a fantastic hydroponic environment on an industrial scale. Perfect for farmers or professional growers who want a sustainable solution to difficult crops such as tomatoes and lettuces all year round.

7 Reasons to use a Bay 6 Grow Tent

  1. Maximise your space - a grow tent fits in all locations helping you build a hydroponic system that works with you and your life.
  2.  Garden all year round - Get your perfect crops all year round and really boost your dip game!
  3.  Economise your energy usage - with energy costs skyrocketing using a grow tent could really help you and your pocket by using less energy to reach an optimal environment.
  4.  Enjoy clean air - as with any controlled environment you can extract old air and pump in clean air to your precious plants with a grow tent.
  5.  Get rid of pests - Use the strong canvas outer to keep pesky pests and other nasties away from your plants and give them a beautiful environment to fulfill their growing potential.
  6.  Really utilise quality lighting - With the highly reflective surfaces you’re minimising light loss and making sure that your plants have the perfect chance to soak up as much light as possible to boost their photosynthesis and build beautiful blooms.
  7.  Easy setup and operation - Every grow needs a solid base with which to function. Using a grow tent as the starting point sets you up for every opportunity for success.

Why Bay 6?

There are so many good reasons to use a grow tent but why choose Bay 6 specifically;

  •  95% Reflective silver Mylar interior;
  •  Multiple draw string ports;
  •  Durable canvas;
  •  Rigid support bars.

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