January/February Newsletter 2023 Has Arrived

January/February Newsletter 2023 Has Arrived

Check your post boxes and mail slots because we’ve sent you something special.

That’s right the newsletter has landed! Our first offering of 2023 has arrived and it’s chock full of new products and new years bargains to start your 2023 off the right way.

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Keeping Tabs on The Cost of Heating

We’ve crunched the numbers across our Tube Heaters, Oil-Filled Radiators and Greenhouse Heaters to see how much these heaters are costing you on average. 

We have also looked at what would be best for your hydroponic space - from small spaces to larger spaces - we’ve got all the data you need to make an informed decision.

Silver Bullet has Arrived

Take a look at the new Silver Bullet range that has arrived at our warehouse. 

An effective biofilm remover for either the roots in your hydroponic setup or to use as a solution to clean your equipment.

Bay 6 has Landed

Bay 6 Grow Tents are now in stock and we have an extensive range available, from mini-propagation tents to multi-chamber tents. 

There is a solution for every hydroponic gardeners' needs.

Cultiwool Products Now In

We’ve got a full stock of Cultiwool’s Grow Cubes, X-Fibre Slabs, Propagator Plug Trays and Mapito bags. 

You can grow with confidence with Cultilene’s innovative rockwool formula.

Welcome to Grow Gadgets Moisture Meter

Grow Gadgets has added a Moisture Meter to their expanding range. 

Grow Gadgets are synonymous with simple tools that make your hydroponic gardening experience that much easier and their new moisture meter is no different.

Introducing Rhizopot

If you’re looking for a growing pot that promotes a dense rootzone and removes the risk of root-circling then Rhizopot is the solution for you. 

With sizes available from 1 Litre all the way to 78 Litre pots then you can have a well aerated rootzone whatever the size of your plants.

15% Off Omega T5 Propagation Lights

Across the next two months we have 15% off selected Omega T5 Propagation Lights

Read the newsletter to find out more!

10% Off on Selected Propagators, Heat Mat and Thermostat

Optimise your environment with these savings on selected propagators and the Grow Gadgets Heat Mat and Heat Mat Thermostat.

Take A Fresh Look at The Omega Luna Pro+

The Luna Pro+ is designed to give you a professional lighting solution regardless of your growing experience. 

Its precise and uniform distribution of PPFD and full light spectrum means that you can grow different types of plants in one space.

New Year New Bargains

Grab yourself some new years bargains with up to 40% off on selected parts of the Omega Lighting range - including ballasts, lamps and reflectors.

There is also 20% off the entire Lava-Lite range, Tech Boost EX:EL and C-Result and C-No Insect range.

Grow Tools POS Stands Available Now

Grow Tools POS Stands are available now. Speak to your local representative or call our office to get one of these set up in your store today!

It is a bumper edition of the newsletter to get 2023 started the right way. 

Take some time to look through all of the new products and offers across the next couple of months. 

Your newsletter should be with all Eden members already, if you can't wait to see everything that is happening then check out our digital newsletter.

We strive to bring the best equipment to our customers and we’re proud to be one of the largest hydroponics wholesalers in the UK. We’re always happy to chat or answer questions, so call 01952 455725 to speak to our team

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