Grow Tools Bonsai Scissors Perfect For Plant Cuttings

Grow Tools Bonsai Scissors Perfect for Plant Cuttings 

Put down the kitchen scissors and take away the stress and worry of pruning your plants. Grow Tools Bonsai Scissors are designed for the comfort of the everyday and hobby gardener. 

They give you a perfectly clean cut, so if you’re pruning some out of control houseplants or want to tidy up your tomatoes these scissors are the way to go!

Get a Sharper Trim

Designed to be sharper and thinner than regular scissors, Grow Tools Bonsai Scissors really give you a fantastic clean cut. This means that you will reduce the chances of causing damage to the stem as you look to prune away old offshoots, keeping your plants healthier for longer.

Reach the Hard To Reach Places

With specially tapered blades the Bonsai Scissors reach difficult places and still get you the clean cut you need without damaging your stems. 

With the long and tapered blades you’ll be able to take amazing cuttings of your plants to boost and build healthy bio-cultures in your garden or grow space.

Ergonomic and Comfortable

The Bonsai Scissors have a smooth ergonomic design and have been developed to stay comfortable after long usage. You’ll be able to do any tidying jobs bog or small. Without having to worry about the discomfort of constant usage.

What Can You Use Them For?

It might have bonsai in the name but these powerful scissors are for much more than tiny trees. However, they’re also a great match for plants with thin stems or vines, such as:Small bushes and hedges.

  •  Orchids and ornamental plants;
  •  Fruits;
  •  Vegetables;
  •  Herbs;
  •  Flowers;

Why choose Grow Tools Bonsai Scissors?

  • Small, thin trimming scissors;
  •  Sharper and cleaner than standard scissors;
  •  Ergonomic flat/round handles;
  •  Comfortable even during longer use;
  •  Ideal for bonsai trees, flowers, bushes, fruit, and veg;
  •  Perfect for pruning and taking cuttings;
  •  Provides minimal damage to plants. 

Get Stocked With Bonsai Scissors Today

Don’t just take our word for it, call our office on 01952 455725, or speak to your local sales representative and get hold of these great scissors today!

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