Introducing: Hesi Plant Nutrition

Introducing: Hesi Plant Nutrition

Introducing: Hesi Plantenvoeding (Plant Nutrition) 

Welcome to Hesi, a true source of nutrition for plants.

One of the best known names in the hydroponics industry. Hesi is beloved by both beginner and expert alike for their range of exceptional plant fertilizers, aids and additives.

At Eden we’re delighted to provide the very best of Hesi products to make your growing experience an enjoyable one.

For Beginner and Expert

Finding the right fertilizer to really optimize your growing environment and produce the best atmosphere for plant growth is absolutely crucial. Whether you are an absolute beginner or have been growing for a long time truly understanding your plants needs will give you the results you deserve.

Getting the right nutrient balance for your plants is crucial. To guarantee that your plants bloom and grow as you desire. The key to a fantastic hydroponic set up is making sure that your grow has the right food to really produce the fantastic results you crave.

Understanding the Nutrients You Need

You have a fantastic set up, your atmosphere is the perfect ambience and your plants still aren’t growing. Why? The answer may lie in the nutrition that you are giving your plants.

Adjusting your nutrition across the various growing stages gives your plants the best chance of success. Finding the perfect nutrient solution for your plants will make sure that you won't be disappointed.

Why use Hesi?

For over 25 years Hesi have been providing plant nutrient solutions for the hydroponics industry. Their carefully designed nutrient solutions are made to make sure that they receive the required nutrients to produce incredible blooms.

Why not try Hesi TNT Complex, with its high organic nitrogen content and low salt content making it the ideal nutrient solution for young plants.

Hesi Bloom Complex is the complete food for flowering plants. When your plants are flowering they need extra support and nutrients from the food they consume. Using the Bloom Complex you provide your grow with everything that they could possibly need.

Each Hesi solution has a unique chemical composition that allows it to give your plants the best opportunity to flower and grow within your carefully crafted environment.

Hesi at Eden Horticulture

Do you want to ensure the very best nutrition for your plants? You can find several Hesi lines, such as Hesi Boost, Hesi Coco and Hesi Supervit on the Eden website.

You can speak to your local rep or call us to learn more about the Hesi range

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