Eden’s September/October Newsletter

Eden’s September/October Newsletter

Coming soon to an inbox or mailbox near you! The September/October Newsletter, celebrating 10 years of Eden.

Don’t miss the 10 day giveaway in October. 

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Thanks for Visiting Us at Summer Social

Summer Social was a blast and would like to say thank you to all who visited our display.

A special thank you to our sponsors too, Centurion Pro, Hesi, Advanced Hydroponics of Holland, Triminator, Boveda, Twister, Harvest More, Trimbag, It’s A Gin Ting and It’s A Rum Ting.

10% off Centurion Pro Trimmers

Ten years of Eden means a serious amount of discounts. Order online now to get 10% off on Centurion Pro Trimmers. 

Entire Trimzilla Line Discounted

The celebrations don’t end there, we’ve got the entire Trimzilla line on discount. Now is the perfect time to look into getting hold of the Triminator Mini Dry Trimmer or the Triminator Moisture Meter.

Twister Trimmers are 10% off

Twister Trimmers are efficient and will process your produce faster and more efficiently. Get one today with 10% off selected trimmers.

Hesi Nutrient Solutions

It’s a great time to really invest in nutrient solutions for your grow. Getting the right nutrients to your plants will massively increase yield and bloom. We’ve got 10% off Hesi plant nutrients on online orders to help you find the balance that is right for you.

Harvest Even More with our Offers!

With everything from Trim Bins to Scissor Scrubbers, Harvest More products are spectacularly useful at helping you maintain the optimal environment for your plants. With 10% off on online orders you can stock up on the essentials to give you peace of mind!

Celebrating with Boveda

It’s a great time to celebrate with Eden and we really want to give back to everyone who has been with us along the journey. We’re offering 10% off Boveda’s patented humidity control on all online orders as well. 

Controlling the humidity of your grow will make a huge difference in the quality of your blooms and you will see instant improvements in  the quantity and quality of your flowers.

Trimbag Trimmed with 10% Off

Have an easier and more enjoyable trimming experience with Trimbag. With 2-3 minutes of use you can have an hour's worth of beautifully trimmed produce. 

There is 10% off on all online orders of Trimbags.

Grow Tools and Grow Gadgets POS Stand Now Available

Grow Tools and Grow Gadgets POS Stands are now available. These tools have been specially curated to be essential for any grower.

We think you’ll agree that it’s a great time to be part of Eden’s journey. 

With some epic savings across the next two months as we celebrate 10 years of Eden, we’re grateful that we can share this with you and look forward to working with you even more across the next 10 years and beyond! Thank you for all of your support!

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