Grab Your Very Own Grow Tools POS Display Stand

Grab Your Very Own Grow Tools POS Display Stand

Grow Tools and Grow Gadgets products work as fantastic items for either a seasoned or new grower.

A Brilliant Selection of Useful Tools

These low cost products are great as sales add-ons and displayed in this sleek and professional display stand will look fantastic at your point of sale. 

About Grow Tools and Grow Gadgets

Grow Tools and Grow Gadgets offer some of the most innovative staples around; they’re the kind of products you don’t know you need until they’re in front of you. 

Find out more about Grow Tools and Grow Gadgets in our dedicated blog.

Interested? What’s Included…

Alongside an ergonomically designed display stand you have the following products included;

Hygrometer with Probe

The Grow Gadgets Hygrometer with Probe is an essential piece for any grower. It displays both the temperature and humidity on a large easy to read screen so you can guarantee the optimal growing environment.

Plant Support Yo-Yo’s

Grow Tools Plant Support Yo-Yo’s are a simple and effective way to guarantee upright growth.

Garden Twist Tie 50m

Give plants the support they need by using the Grow Tools Garden Twist Tie to affix them to their supports.

Trellis Netting 1.5m x 9m

Heavy duty Trellis Netting that is available as a tool to offer extra support or to space out your plants to give a consistent grow.

Chika Chika New Wave X100 Shears

The Chika Chika New Wave Shears have been inspired by Japanese design traditions. They are sharp, precise and durable and a fantastic addition for any grower.

Chika Chika X30 Straight Shears

The X30 Straight Shears are the king of gardening tools. Their sharp, precise and durable blades ensure a clean cut on any plants. 

Quick Snips

Grow Tools have produced an ergonomic and functional pair of gardening scissors that will make trimming and pruning an absolute breeze.

Fan Speed Dimmer

Offering growers the ultimate control over their fan speeds. The Grow Tools Fan Speed Dimmer is a must have for any controlled environment. 

Heavy Duty Timer

Grow Gadgets Heavy Duty Timer is designed to take the high inductive loads from HID ballasts. No contactor is needed as the timer features 96 switching operations within a 24 hour period.

Bonsai Scissors

Designed with a flat edge for the ultimate comfort whilst pruning and shaping your plants to ensure the perfect growth. 

Sticky Zipper

Grow Tools Sticky Zipper prevents light leakage and ensures that your growing environment is maintained just as you want it.

White Vinyl Gloves

Professional powder free white vinyl gloves that are perfect for tricky and sticky trimming jobs. A must have for any grower.

Budget pH Meter

This cost effective Grow Gadgets pH Meter ensures that any grower can keep tabs on their growing environment to maximise growing potential. 

Budget EC Meter

This easy to use EC Meter is great for growers on a budget.  Giving the grower the ultimate control to fine tune their nutrient solutions for the best plant growth.

Protective Coverall

Ensuring full body protection from liquid splashes and hazardous substances. The elasticated wrists, waist and ankles make sure that no unwanted substances, bugs, or pests get inside your suit.

Vacuum Bags 40 x 60cm (Pack of 10)

The vacuum bag is absolutely ideal for storage and packing of your product. 

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