All-new Grow Tools and Grow Gadgets

Grow Tools and Grow Gadgets offer some of the most innovative staples around; they’re the kind of products you don’t know you need until they’re in front of you. 


They’re dedicated to simple solutions to common garden and grow room problems, and you won’t find forward thinking like it anywhere else.


Eden is launching new Grow Tools and Grow Gadgets products to make growing even easier when all you want to do is slather on the suncream and lie down. Time-saving, growth-boosting, cost-efficient…these tools are the recipe for high yields and a happy gardener. 


We thought we’d share some of our newest summer must-haves, along with the products that make summer growing no sweat. 

Grow Tools Plant Bends

Tall plants overshadowing the rest? Even in the brighter months, it’s vital to make sure all plants get the light they need. Uneven growth can block out smaller plants’ light intake and cause deficiencies. 


 In come the Grow Tools Plant Bends: they separate stems and gently train plants to grow in a certain direction, preventing overcrowding and giving access to small plants that need a little extra help. With equal light intake and ventilation, growers will see impressive plant development in no time. 


The Plant Bends are made from reusable plastic and come in a pack of 50. 

Grow Tools Bonsai Scissors

Bonsai scissors are sharper than regular scissors and have a thinner, more tapered blade


If you’ve got a thriving Japanese garden, you’re in luck, but these scissors work well with all kinds of plants. They’re sharp enough to cut cleanly through plant stems (most regular scissors will crush them) and their short blades mean they can reach through intricate branches to snip that one out-of-place stem.


They also have one rounded and one flat handle for comfortable use over long periods. Their shape means growers can rest their hand on a flat surface while they trim and reach any part of a plant.


Put away the old secateurs and enjoy a cleaner, finer cut. Use the Grow Tools Bonsai Scissors to trim:

  • Orchids and ornamental plants;
  • Fruit, veg, and herbs;
  • Vines (i.e. tomatoes and grapes);
  • Small bushes and hedges. 

Grow Tools Twist Tie

50 metres of this PVC-coated tie will take you through the summer with no problem. This multi-functional staple is ideal for keeping plants together or attaching them to plant supports, bamboo canes, netting, or a trellis.


It has a built-in press-to-cut mechanism, so there’s no need for scissors. Ingenious design means that you can pop the reel (housed in a plastic case) in a pocket and use it on the go. No other equipment required! 


The Grow Tools Twist Tie is great for tall, climbing plants. It stays in shape once fixed and doesn’t need to be tied in knots - just twist to secure. 

Grow Gadgets Ozone Generator

A stale grow room isn’t the summer scent we’re imagining this year. As the weather heats up, dead plant matter and old compost can begin to really smell. 


The Plug-In Ozone Generator is a pocket-sized solution to grow room odours. This small air purifier uses electrically-charged plates to produce ozone (O₃) from atmospheric oxygen. 


O₃ contains a third, volatile molecule (oxygen likes to bond in pairs). It breaks free and attaches to other particles in the air like bacteria, dust, and odour molecules. It kills them in the process - so you’re left with an odour-free space.

 This is great for removing pollen and reducing the effects of summer allergies. It offers freshness all round and has a dimmer switch to adjust purification levels. 

Grow Gadgets Plug-In Fan Speed Dimmer

Make any UK fan dimmable with this plug-in Fan Speed Dimmer


There’s no tricky electrical work required; just plug the fan into the controller and plug the controller in at the mains. 


It’s perfect for controlling airflow in a grow room, reducing noise level, or turning things down in the ever-changing weather. It’s also a gentle alternative for young and propagating plants. 


The Fan Speed Dimmer is compatible with all UK mains fans up to 300W and will power fans up to 8” at 230V. 


At Eden, we love to bring game-changing products that slot right into a grower’s routine. We’re constantly considering new ways to make growing simpler, more exciting, more efficient, and more impressive.


You can keep up with us on Facebook or Instagram, or learn more about Grow Tools and Grow Gadgets on their pages. 

Chat to your local rep or call us today, and we’ll answer any questions about our scorching summer ranges.

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