Stock Up For Summer: Vortex WindPro

Stock up for summer: Vortex WindPro 

June is here! With that comes lazy afternoons in the garden, burgers on the barbie…and a ton of unwanted grow room heat.

Get in early with our Vortex WindPro: both you and your plants will be grateful you did. 

The WindPro is a 3-in-1 oscillating fan that converts into a wall, floor, or standing pedestal model. With an 18” diameter and an efficient 240V motor, it’s got the power to see a hydroponic garden through the most scorching weather.

3-in-1 Oscillating Fan 

Growers with limited space can attach the WindPro to a wall. It’ll free up valuable room and spread cool air evenly around a grow room, mitigating the effects of grow lights and humid weather.


Deliver a blast of freshness to potted plants by using it as a floor fan. It’ll keep root systems cool or can easily be propped up on a workspace to cool a propagator.

Alternatively, attach the standing pedestal and keep it at the perfect height for leaf canopies.


3 speed settings

Three speed settings make the WindPro a highly versatile option. Higher settings make it perfect for warmer days, while young plants will benefit from a more gentle breeze. 

Growers can adjust the WindPro as needed by choosing a speed on the back of the fan.


Maintain plant health

Plants need a fresh supply of air to live. Not only do they need it to breathe, but cool air regulates humidity levels and prevents dehydration. 

Consistency is just as important. The WindPro delivers a perfectly even stream of cool air around a grow space, keeping plants at a regular temperature all day long. They’ll be far less prone to wilting and drying out, meaning growers will see a stronger, healthier, and more hydrated garden. 

Plants will also grow more resilient to the conditions around them. The WindPro’s consistent air movement replicates the breeze outside. A little bit of pretending is important for indoor-grown plants; this “wind” helps them acclimatise to natural weather conditions and become stronger against anything that comes their way. 

With a “plug and play” mains connection, this fan will go in almost any grow room, tent, shed, greenhouse…or anywhere else you’re hiding from the heat. 

Here’s all the stats you need to know:

  •  3-in-1 oscillating fan;
  • 8” diameter;
  •  Converts to pedestal, wall, or floor use;
  •  3 speed settings;
  •  Quiet operation;
  •  Adjustable stand;
  •  Regulates indoor air quality and removes stale air;
  •  Saves space;
  •  Light and transportable. 

Eden is offering the WindPro at an incredible price and we predict they’ll go quickly! Those interested can find more about the WindPro or our other Vortex fans on our website, or by calling their local rep.

Not yet a stockist? Chat to our team on 01952 455725 and become part of one of the largest hydroponics wholesalers today.

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