All You Need To Know: Boveda

All You Need To Know: Boveda

Is humidity control in your growing environment giving you nightmares? Do you need an automated humidity system that has zero activation or maintenance? 

Then read on to find out more about Boveda and their humidity solutions.

Why humidity control is important

Incorrect levels of humidity can have grave consequences for your plants. It can affect the quality and quantity of blooms and in extreme cases result in ruined crops. Too much moisture in the atmosphere means that you are affecting the very sensitive balance of how plants grow. You could end up with much lower quality blooms than you had hoped for. 

An imbalance in humidity can also lead to potential breeding grounds for bacteria and other insects that will destroy your crop yields.

This is why it is essential to monitor the humidity levels in your grow. 

Boveda Humidity Control

With either the Boveda Humidity Control 62% or Boveda Humidity Control 58% you can create an autonomous humidity control system. This means that humidity headaches become a thing of the past. 

Beginner or aficionado Boveda Humidity Control means that you can keep a consistent relative humidity level without worrying.

With zero activation or maintenance Boveda Humidity Controls work with a salt based solution that adds or removes water to your growing environment to maintain a consistent relative humidity level.

The 62% and 58% RH humidity control packs are ideal for hydroponic systems.

The 62% RH packs are excellent for sprouts and seedlings as optimal humidity levels should be between 60% to 70%.

As the plants grow and mature, growers should also gradually decrease humidity levels.

The 58% humidity control packs are ideal when the plant enters the flowering stage.

Points to consider

So you want to start your automated humidity control but need a little more convincing. What does Boveda do that gels, crystals and beads won't do;

  • Absorbs excess humidity if needed
  • Adds or removes moisture based on temperature
  •  Available in multiple RH levels
  •  Won't over-humidify, preventing mold
  •  No maintenance or refilling
  •  No activation required
  •  Emits purified water vapor

At Eden, we love to bring game-changing products that improve a grower’s experience. We are constantly looking for the best ways to make growing simpler, more exciting, more efficient and with better results.


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