Eden's May Newsletter

Eden's May Newsletter

Eden's May Newsletter

Our May Newsletter has landed, and we have some brand-new product features this month, including the incredible launch of Atami and Wilma Systems.

Atami Range New To Eden Horticulture

We're delighted to announce we are now official distributors of Atami here at Eden Horticulture.

This famous Dutch brand has a variety of products that can be used independently. But for best results, it is recommended that a series of their boosters, mineral fertilizers and substrates are used as a team of supplements.

Here are some of the popular products of Atami that we're now stocking at Eden Horticulture.

Atami BCuzz Silic Boost: Silicon is standard in soil, but it is not widely available for the plants themselves. The brands Silicon has a strengthening influence so that the plants will be less susceptible to heat, drought, and other abiotic stress.

Atami BCuzz Blossom Builder Liquid: These are for the plant growers who want nothing but the best for their plants. This is for the flowering phase as it is rich in Potassium and Phosphorus, the two elements that 100% boost your plants.

Atami BCuzz Hydro, Coco, and Soil Boosters: They are a practical and all-natural booster used during the growing and flowering phases of your plants, this formula is 100% soluble. The plants can absorb and maximize all nutrients, and they also trigger the biological life in the substrate.

Atami Bio-Bloombastic: A sophisticated concoction of Bioorganic additives and minerals, this solution can help any farmer double their harvest while maintaining produce that is premium quality in appearance and nutritional content.

We are thrilled to be distributing the Atami range! We hope you love their products as much as we do. You can get 20% off your order online by using the code 'ATAMI20' at the checkout.

Wilma Systems

The Wilma all-in-one dripper system is available in a range of sizes and configurations.

Are you still hand watering your plants? These Wilma Hydroponics Systems take the fuss out of feeding with their simple to use and easy growing solutions. You can use a variety of growing media including soil, clay pebbles, coco and rockwool!

The content includes plastic and fabric pots, irrigation system and pump and is available in 11L and 18L.

Vortex Ultra Silent Ducting

This Ultra Silent Ducting is super silent and effective. Ultra Silent Ducting helps to reduce any noise produced by an extraction system. It fits directly over the flange of any appropriately sized extractor fan or filter, and a suitably sized duct clip is used to hold it tightly in place.

Key Features Include:

  • Withstands high temperatures
  • Strong and flexible
  • Improves efficiency of the airflow
  • Ultra-silent
  • High tensile steel wire helix
  • Fire-resistant coating
  • The operating temperature range of this product is 0 to 85°c

Grab 10% off Vortex Ultra Silent Ducting using the promo code 'ULTRA10'

New Products at Eden Horticulture

We have an array of new products landing this month at Eden Horticulture.

Including the:

  • Method Seven Citadel FX
  • Method Seven Citadel HPS Plus

The Harvest Morn range will also be including Trimbin Replacement Screens 150 and 220 micron. As well as the Trimbin Static Brush and Scissor Scrubber.

Offers Available Only Online

If you don't yet order online with us, you could be missing out on several offers and discounts. Not only could you have access to in-depth product info, but you could manage your invoices, view our latest product range as well as order our products anytime anywhere. This month we have up to 20% off a wide range of products including Trimbag Dry Trimmer, Omega 315w Eurowing Light Kits and the Vortex 18” Oscillating Wall Fan to name just a few.

Eden Snap Tag & Win

A huge congratulations to Blackburn Hydroponics for winning £500 worth of vortex products this month. All you have to do is take a snap of your Root Nurse products in-store and share on Facebook or Instagram to be in with the chance of winning £500 worth of Root Nurse products. Don't forget to tag us in your entries @edenhorticulture 

Holly's Highlights

This month Holly will be giving you an insight into her top three nutrients on the market. Whilst sharing her top tips as to why growers should include Hygrozyme, Plagron Green Sensation, and Cyco Ryzofuel into their nutrient regime.

Eden Horticulture News 

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