Holly's Highlights

Holly's Highlights


Hygrozyme is basically the most essential enzymatic cleaner for breaking down dead roots! Whilst breaking down unwanted bacteria and roots, this product cleans your media which unlocks essential nutrients for future growth preventing any disease for your plant. It's vital we use a cleaner within our media, root mass sheds the same way skin does, so without being cleaned they are unable to absorb the nutrients around them. Hygrozyme is crucial to use during vegetation as this is when your roots are growing the most so it's vital we crush any bad bacteria and promote healthy roots at this stage, start as you mean to go on! It is a great add-on sale, which can be incorporated into any feeding schedule.

Cyco Platinum Series Ryzofuel

Cyco Ryzofuel is essential within the first stages of growth focusing predominantly on the root, stem, and leaf formation. Deriving from Tasmanian bull kelp, this Kelp is particularly beneficial for plants, it grows in the Gulf of Australia (a place particularly high in volcanic activity), therefore has a much higher nutrient content than other forms of Kelp. Ryzofuel also provides a source of potassium that your plant needs within this initial stage, Ryzofuel essentially helps build additional root formations to help the plant absorb the 50+ trace minerals provided naturally by this particular type of Kelp.

Plagron Green Sensation

Plagron Green sensation is a very powerful and effective mineral booster, used in the last 4-6 weeks of the flowering phase, Green Sensation will result in a higher yield, higher sugar production, harder cell structure, and increased general resistance to disease within the plant. The results of this product are fantastic, making all plants incredibly strong and vigorous.

Holly's Top Tip

Pair Plagron Green Sensation with Plagron 'Sugar Royal' for optimum sweetness!

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