How To Use CO2 Invaders Tablets In Hydroponics

How To Use CO2 Invaders Tablets In Hydroponics

Richie Reviews CO2 Invader Tablets

I have always said that the environment is everything when it comes to growing indoors. Optimum CO2 levels are essential if you want to increase plant growth and maximise your harvest. That's why I recommend CO2 Invaders Tablets as a necessity in your hydroponic equipment. Brand new to Eden Horticulture, they offer a quick, easy and effective way to give your plants the CO2 fix they need. 

How do you use CO2 to increase yields in your grow? Here comes the science!

Key Features

Providing your plants with extra CO2 can increase growth and yields by up to 20%. Plants need CO2 to make energy from light through photosynthesis. When you are using high-powered grow lights such as MH/HPS and LEDs in an indoor growing environment, increasing the amount of CO2 present means that your plants can use more of this light. This means more photosynthesis, faster-growing plants, and bigger yields.

Additionally supplementing CO2 in this way helps your plants become more resistant to heat and light stress. Maintaining a CO2 PPM of 1200-1500 you to keep temperatures higher than usual, up to 30c. This means that It is easier for those growers to use bright, hot lights to keep temperatures at a beneficial range to plants.  


CO2 Invaders have been developed for complete ease of use and effectiveness. They come in an easy-to-use formulation and produce high levels of CO2 for your plants 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

For root zone delivery of CO2, just add 1 of the CO2 tablets per 100L of water into your nutrient tank, it's that simple!


Supplementing CO2 in the grow room can be an expensive exercise that can put many growers off. CO2 Invaders offer your customer a simple, cost-effective way to deliver much-needed CO2 to their plants. Each tablet covers an area of 1.2 x 1.2m and should provide visible results within the first day of use.

It's a great add-on sale, which you could have at the till point ready to help your customers reach better yields.

Top Tip

Use CO2 Invaders during "daylight" hours where light can breakdown CO2 to maximise efficiency.

"If you want the edge on a better end product, CO2 Invaders is the answer."

CO2 Invaders are available now exclusively from Eden Horticulture, the leaders in hydroponic wholesale. Contact us if you're looking for more information!

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