Carls Corner Spectra Review

Carls Corner Spectra Review

Spectra Review - Light up your way to a better grow

I will be talking to you about Omega Spectra G Line range. Omega Spectra G Line is a range of full-spectrum and lightweight LEDs. The range comes in three different sizes:



For the size of the units, every LED in the G Line range is lightweight due to its slimline design, making them easy to transport as well as easy to setup. The G Line range comes with a simple hanging structure which means that hanging up the LED is quick and easy.


The G Line comes with heavy-duty packaging for added security. The featured carry handles on the box make sure it's completely safe and simple to transport, so when you are transporting the LED, be assured that the protective packaging inside makes sure the LED is secure, with no concern about damage.


From my own testing, you can instantly tell the quality of the components used to create the range. In particular the solid connection points on the cables and how the cables connect to the driver, it’s sturdy so users should know that it’s long-lasting and that the unit will not come apart. 


What you get in the Spectra range is amazing for the price. The efficiency, in particular, is something you should take note of. For the lights that you can currently get on the market, it’s very well priced. It has the potential to be a strong contender in the industry.

Best Bits

Last but not least, the complete range of Spectra G Line are extremely powerful for the size of them! The spectrum is excellent for both vegetation and flowering stages. As well as this, the quality of light is very impressive. Every size comes equipped with Samsung LM301B chips and Mean Well LED Drivers.


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