Introducing ChikChika Shears

Introducing ChikChika Shears


Introducing Eden Horticulture’s latest product launch, ChikaChika! High-quality and premium Japanese design inspired pruning shears in three different styles, all designed to make trimming comfortable and effortless. 

Inspired by Japanese design ChikaChika pruning shears are truly the king of gardening tools. ChikaChika Shears have been drop forged in robust stainless steel, meaning they are built to last. Sharp, precise, and durable, all three of these versatile shears are a wonderful introduction to hydroponic pruning tools and equally ideal for an expert grower.

Available in Straight Shears, Premium New Wave, and Curve Shears, let’s dive a little further into the amazing features of each of the three styles.

ChikaChika Straight X30 Shears

ChikaChika Straight X30 Shears are high-quality spring-loaded Japanese designed shears that offer precision trimming with maximum comfort for effortless trimming.

ChikaChika Straight Shears are expert-quality sprung shears with razor-sharp stainless steel blades, designed for durability and endurance. The trimming process can feel long, tedious, and can often cause strain. ChikaChika’s comfort grip means that the user can trim comfortably and effortlessly for long periods of time. These trimming scissors are also ideal for both left-handed and right-handed users!

ChikaChika Curve X40 Shears

ChikaChika Curve X40 Shears are spring-loaded and offer precision trimming with maximum comfort for effortless trimming. 

ChikaChika Curve Shears feature a high-quality curved microblade to maximise accuracy, achieve superior precision, and excel in the user’s overall trimming performance. The Curve Shears are lightly-sprung to enhance speed and performance as well as reducing strain. Perfect for both right or left-hand use!

As is often the case with Japanese designed tools, the beauty of ChikaChika shears lies in the simplicity of design and quality of craftsmanship. Robust in construction for long-term service, they are lightweight and balanced for comfortable use! All three pairs are recommended for beginner indoor gardeners or professionals looking to deepen their expertise with quality hydroponic tools.

ChikaChika Premium New Wave X100 Shears

ChikaChika Premium New Wave X100 Pruning Shears are designed to make trimming completely effortless. Make a difference in trimming plants with these sharp and corrosion-resistant shears. 

ChikaChika Premium New Wave Shears features include high-quality stainless steel blades, designed to last! The stainless steel, ultra-sharp blades include a fine tip to maximise accuracy and for the grower to excel in their performance. The Premium New Wave Shears include a comfort grip to reduce hand strain and maximise comfort. The shears are also spring-loaded which enhances speed and performance. 

For any questions or for more information on the ChikaChika range, get in touch with us today at, or give us a call on 01952 455725.

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